Sunday, 28 June 2020



{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 33

Kellie Harrison.

I got dressed up in a white floral dress and wore my sandals before walking back to the kids.

"You look beautiful kel." Ivy Complemented.

"Thanks baby." I chuckled softly.

" is everyone ready?" My boss said from the stairs.

I turned to stare at him
Wtf !?! Cutie alert!

Gush I can't believe am actually drooling. He's fucking handsome.

Why didn't I see this path b4. He's so cute in causal.

" ERM Kellie wake up." Someone snapped  their fingers jerking me outta my little imagination world.

" huh? Oops am sorry I was thinking about what my mom told me." I lied

" alright then lets get moving." My boss said and led the way.

I carried ivy in my arms and walked outside to the parking lot.

Me and ivy rode with my boss while jeremy rode jennie.


The car came to halt in an ice cream shop.

" yay! I love ice cream." She squeak exhitedly.

" alright buttercups its ice cream time." My boss said as everyone ordered for each ice cream.

We stand down enjoying the ice cream.

" slow down ivy so you won't get stained." I dropped mine and wipe off the stain of ice cream from her nose.

" what about me ? Won't you hlp me out? See I got ice cream on my nose too." My boss whined like a child.

" oh come on there's nothing there."I rolled my eyes.

He quickly stained his face with ice cream making ivy laugh.

" now there's ice cream stains." He pouts.

I chuckled and wipe it off his face.



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