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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 32

🔰 Travis Williamson🔰

For the first time ever I smiled brightly.

A smile from the heart all thanks to Kellie.
No wonder Ivy loves her, she has so much positive vibes.

I don't get why I didn't see this.
Telling my problems really helped me for it felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulder.

Honestly she knows how to comfort people and make their pains go away.

We went back to the living room as everyone was chattering happily.

"Alright everyone go get dressed we're all going out." I announced and the kids squeak.

" calm down everyone , relax ivy so you won't choke." Kellie smiled.

" that includes you Kellie , you're also coming along." I added.

"Really dad really!!" Ivy squeak!

" yes baby we're all going." I smiled.

" that's not necessary tho but for ivy I'm definitely coming along." She winked at me.

I nods and went upstairs to my room. 

Maybe Kellie was right  I've Been leaving in the dark for so long.

I walked over to the curtains and drifted them apart.

The ray of sunlight shone into my room  . it was very beautiful.

Wow my room has never been this bright before.

 Am sure Aurora would have wanted this too.

I walked into the bathroom and took a shower before stepping out .

Today is gonna be a no suit day. Its gonna be steady casual clothing's.

I opened the closet and brought out a blue denim jeans and a Lois volton collection.

And a pair of sneakers too. Haven't wore this for a long time but it still look good on me.



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