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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 30

⭕ Travis Williamson ⭕

Omg this is unbelievable. I forgot Ivy's birthdate and would been a problem thanks to Kellie  Ivy won't have a reason to hate me.

I really don't know what to say right now but she just did something no one can ever do for me.

Making sure my daughter never stopped loving me. Thats more than enough for me.

" okay guys it time for the birthday girl to blow out her candle and make a wish." Kellie said jerking me outta my thoughts.

"Yay! Go Ivy." Jeremy praises while jennie kept silent with a sad expression on.

Ivy went over to her cake and blow out the candles before making a wish.

" I wish everyone was happy especially daddy. I wish you'd be happy like aunty kellie." She said with a warm smile.

For the first time in years my heart gladden at the sight of my little angel.

Kellie looked me and smiled before walking towards and a box in her hand.

I wonder what surprise she has installed for me.

" and this is for you sir. I just want to say am sorry for messing with your things." She said with a smile and handed the box to me.

I nodded and collected it from her.

" thank you." I muttered and it wasn't so bad saying those words.

" can I please make a wish?" She said pleading her two hands grasp together.

" yes tell me anything."  I said.

Maybe this is my opportunity to be able to reward her.

" please sir I beg of you kindly mend things with Jennie , she's truly sorry and have learned from her mistake." She bow slightly.

Jennie looked at her in surprise. I guess she wasn't expecting it either.

" yes daddy please you have to forgive jay. ". Ivy chipped in.

I sighed and rubbed my temple.

" come here jennie." I said calmly and she slowly walked towards me

I pulled her into a tight embrace.

" am sorry dad am sorry. I promise its never gonna happen again." She cried in my arms.

" its okay baby daddy forgave you." I mumbled.

All this while my eyes were on kellie who was busy helping the maids dish the meals.

Who is this girl actually?



  1. Wow! You are going places, bro!

    Have you thought of writing movie scripts?

    Your stories can be converted into a season movie.

    This is a great literary work and should attract a bigger audience.

    1. I'm so in love with the stories...I pray God connects him to someone who can expand his works and take him to a higher level...

    2. You are so correct. I've also wondered if such can't be done

  2. Interesting. Thank you author

  3. Lovely,thank you author,we luv you

  4. She is an angel
    joy giver



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