Friday, 26 June 2020



{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 29

⭕ Kellie Harrison⭕

I woke abit earlier than anyone in the house. I wanted to be the first to wish my Ivy a happy birthday.

Wondering how I know about her birthday right?

Well I saw her birth certificate last night in the study room.

I headed straight to the kitchen and brought out my key ingredients for cake baking needs to be fast before anyone wakes up.

I've at least 5hours to finish everything before anyone wakes .

I quickly set to work as I baked two separate cake . i need the second one to apologize to my boss.


Finally i was done. I filled the dinning table with different meals , mostly Ivy's choice.

I placed candles on her cake which was colored pink and white.

With her name written boldly on it.
I also got everywhere beautifully decorated before turning off the lights.

I went upstairs to jennie's room and dropped a note on her door before knocking i did the same on everyone's door before waking my Ivy I took her downstairs to the living room.

" what's going on who knocked on our doors." My boss growled as he came downstairs.

" why is everywhere dark?" Ivy grumbled.

I reach for the switch and turned on the lights.

" surprise!! Happy birthday Ivy!!" I shouted and clapped happily as everyone stares at me in shock.

Ivy ran into my arms happily giving me a tight embrace.

" i thought no one remembers my birthday." She cooed and faced her dadd.

" ofcourse not swity everyone did remembered. All this arrangement were made by ypur daddy okay?" I lied so she won't get mad at her dad.

Her face beamed .

" really?" She squeak excitedly.

My boss stared at me not knowing what to say . I nodded and he smiled weakly.

" y....yes sweetie." He played along.

Ivy ran into his arms happily.

" thank thank so much daddy I love you so much 😍." She peeked his cheek.

" happy birthday baby." Jennie smiles.

" happy birthday Jenelle 2 " jeremy said and peeked her forehead.

Ivy middle name is Jenelle same as her mom.

" I love you jay jay ." she cooed and came back to me.




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