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Season 3

Episode 5

(Watch out for big bad wolf)

Emily couldn't believe what Debby just said. It was absolutely ridiculous! But she didn't say anything.    

Was Tina really her younger sister? How could that be?    

Debby continued explaining, "You are both my beloved daughters, and that is the truth. I am sorry I have not told you before..." she sobbed, those words coming out with difficulty. "Your father and I... Well, we owe Tina too much. I was young and scared when I gave her away. ( VISIT FEATHERS.COM.NG FOR MORE STORIES)

Maybe you cannot understand me now, but maybe one day you will. You are sisters and I love you both. Emily, forgive me, please."  

Emily stared at her incredulously, "Is... Is that the truth mom?" For one second, Emily thought she would faint away. Not only Tina was her sister, but also her mother had lied to her for such a long time. It was very difficult for Emily to accept all of this.    

Who would've ever thought that the woman that persecuted her for so long, that tortured her parents was eventually her sister?    

It was a real shame that things went in this way. Maybe Tina and Emily could have been friends, or at least get along better. But what now? Should they act as two sisters? It was impossible to even think about it. Emily would never forget what Tina did to her.  

With the same gentle expression, Debby said, "Emily, I won't tell anything to Tina. Don't worry. For everybody else you are still my only daughter and I will always love you more than anyone... I don't care if you do not get along with Tina, but do not hurt yourselves, and do not hate her. Try this at least."    

Emily looked at her mother understandingly. Her eyes were fixed on her for a while. They were a mirror of a struggling soul, fighting between a mixture of opposite emotions. Then Emily spoke, "Mom. 

I don't want to hurt her, but she does. She told me that she wants either to kill me or die trying. I am scared, and all I can do is to let the troubles away from me."  

Of course, it was not really that simple. Emily could not just stay away from Tina. Those things she did to her were unforgettable.    

In addition, Tina was crazier than ever and even if she knew that Emily was her sister, she would not care.    

"Well, that's enough. Thank you so much... Ah, one last thing. I hope that we can keep this secret. After all, your sister is doing fine without us. We should let her live her life,"  said Debby.  

Emily closed her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened them again, they looked much more relaxed than before, "Don't worry. 

My lips are sealed,"  said Emily.    

Debby looked immensely relieved when she heard this. She gently touched Emily's face, but Emily stopped her hand. Debby felt embarrassed, "Emily, I understand if you can't forgive me."    

"No, I..." Emily bit her inferior lip nervously and said, "I just need some time to accept it, Mom. Now it is late, and you should go to sleep. Please, leave me alone."    

Then, Emily got up on her feet and walked out of the room.  

Debby didn't try to stop her. Actually, she was happy to finish this theatric. Luckily, Emily didn't realize that there was something wrong in the story that her mother told her; she was too shocked to notice. It was better to stop this right now and in this way, otherwise if Debby were to keep talking something could slip out of her mouth and Emily was not stupid enough to fall for it again.    

Debby then said, "Alright then. Goodnight, Emily. Go to bed early."    

"I will, mom,"  answered Emily.    When Emily was out of the room she headed for a safe and quiet place to get herself together.  

Emily was about to walk downstairs when a strong arm wrapped around her slim waist.    

Emily yelled out loud, but apparently, there wasn't anyone else there. Then a deep male voice whispered in her ear, "Who is this little girl going out alone at night? Watch out for the wolf."    

She turned around and smiled sensually, "You mean I should watch out for you, big bad wolf?"    

"Oh, you unmasked me! Then, now that you know my real identity, I'll just carry on and do what I am here for,"  Jacob grinned, then lifted Emily on his shoulder and walked directly into his room.  

Emily was not in the mood to keep this game going on, plus she was uncomfortable on Jacob's shoulder. So, she threw kicks into the air struggling to get down.    

Jacob slapped Emily on her bum and said, "Don't resist."    

The slap was clearly part of the joke, but Emily blushed and felt ashamed, "I don't want to play this game anymore. Jacob put me down!" she cried.    

But Jacob was too much into the game to stop just now. He threw Emily on the soft bed and took off his clothes. Then, he laid down on Emily, who was still trying to resist him and get out of his hands.  

"Do not struggle. You cannot escape. Be the good bunny and let the big bad wolf eat you up,"  said Jacob.    

"Jacob, it seems that you have taken this game too seriously... 

Um..." But her last few words were suffocated by Jacob's lips on hers.    
During that dark night, the little bunny was repeatedly dominated by the big bad wolf. When the wolf was finished, there was no trace left of that cute little creature.    

At the same time in Jingshi City.    When Jack heard that Emily came home safely, he felt relieved.    

All these days of waiting had been so long and weary for him, at least as much as weary as those of Jacob. Even if he was not as powerful as Jacob, he still had some subordinates ready to use. So, Jack sent them in search for Emily too.  

Luckily Emily was safe and sound now. He felt like his earth was free to pump blood again.    

But looking for Emily was not the only thing he did in these past days. 

Jacob was too busy in the research to go to work. Thus, Jack got the chance to consolidate his financial position and get more earnings and power in business.    

'Soon, I will surpass Jacob and will win Emily back!'  

Jack thought firmly.   

The very next morning.    

Jack and Jacob were not the only ones knowing that Emily made it until home safely. The news spread quickly and Tina was informed.    

Tina was in the garden of Tao's mansion. She was on her knees in the snow, patting a little and cute white bunny that she kept folded in her arms. The scene looked like one of those Christmas' postcard pictures.    

"Tracy, go get me a scissor. I want to trim Emily's fur,"  said Tina.    

Tracy, the home-maid, stood aside and was confused by that strange request. She tried to change Tina's mind respectfully, "My lady, it is winter now. If you trim Emily's fur, it will die of cold. Please go back inside the house, my lady. It is snowing heavily now."  

One of the things that irritated Tina the most was a servant disobeying to her order. She glared coldly at Tracy, who felt that glance as sharp as a knife. "Just do whatever I told you and do not ever question me! 

Are you afraid that this little rabbit will feel cold? You are so generous and pious, aren't you? I am the bad one here, right? Then, if you really want to save this rabbit, take off all your clothes and roll in the snow. If you do, I will let it live,"  said Tina.  

Tracy shut her mouth and rushed into the house to get Tina a scissor.    
"Stupid bitch,"  said Tina looking at her running through the door.    

Then she looked back at the white bunny. She stared intently at it as if she wanted to understand its deep nature. It was a common and weak rabbit, even worse than those you can buy in a common animal shop.    
This one was not her first rabbit. 

The first one she got was a gift from a rich man at the time when he was trying to get her attention. But now Tina didn't even remember who he was and which class he was in.  

That rabbit was of a very precious and expensive kind. Its fur was as smooth as silk and as white as the snow. It was surely a precious and maybe invaluable little thing.

But that precious creature reminded Tina of Emily. So, Tina refused that gift, but asked for another common rabbit that she named Emily intentionally.

For her, if Emily had to be a rabbit, it could only be one of the lowest class.

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