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Season 3

Episode 3

(Take care)

"Look at me,"  Jacob turned Emily's face to look at him.    Emily thought for a few second and said, "Jacob... 

Let them go."    

"What?" Jacob couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Victor wanted to cut your heart out. Do you understand that? Let them go? No way!" he said.    

Jacob was determined to make Victor pay the price for what he had done.    

"... Look, I am fine now,"  she said.  

"Emily, are you a fool?" Jacob asked, as he looked at her with puzzlement.    

Emily was at a loss for words.    

Meanwhile, Victor remained silent. He sat there with a blank look on face as if he had completely shut out the world around him.    

The atmosphere in the corridor became tense and toxic.    

Finally, the door of the emergency room opened.    

Victor stood up immediately, as if he had suddenly come back to life. He rushed to the doctor and asked, "How is she? "  

"She is fine for the moment, but that was a close call, so please be cautious and don't let her be too emotionally strained..." said the doctor.    

Before the doctor could finish his report, Victor walked past him and went into the emergency room. 

Then he pushed Anne's bed all the way to her room from there. "Ann..." 

Victor looked at her pale face, as his heart bled with sadness.    

He had failed to protect her.    

Emily was worried about Anne. She wanted to see her now, but then she realized that maybe Anne didn't want to be bothered.    

Jacob also stopped at the door. Not now.  

Emily held Jacob's hand and stopped him from going inside. 

They stood outside Anne's room without saying a word to each other...    

Jacob turned to look at Emily. Her top button was undone, so he could see clearly her beautiful skin and the marks he had left last night. He moved closer and kissed her on the cheek.    

Emily raised her head and looked at him. "What are you doing?" she asked.    

"What am I doing? I am hungry. And you look delicious,"  he answered.  

Emily blushed and insisted, "Jacob, stop..."    

"Hello?" Victor appeared beside the door.    

The light in Jacob's face dimmed. He glowered at Victor.    

Both Jacob and Victor walked away from the door, down to the other side of the corridor. Emily stood there alone, not knowing what they were up to.    

'Is everything okay?    

Are they going to fight again?' Emily wanted to follow them, but then she remembered that Jacob had asked her not to go too far. She turned around and walked into Anne's room.  

Anne was still unconscious. She looked so delicate and fragile. Her complexion was so fair, that Emily could see the veins on her face.    

Anne was so beautiful.    

Emily looked at her silently. It was heartbreaking to see her lying in bed like that. Emily took out a strawberry candy and placed on the bedside table. Anne bought it the day she and Emily escaped from the hospital, and they shared candies on the park that day.    

"Take care, Anne,"  she said.    

Ten minutes later, Victor was back, with several bruises on his face and his body.  

Emily was petrified. What did Jacob do? Did he run him over with a car?    
"Victor, are you..."    

"I am sorry, Emily,"  Victor cut her words short.    

"What?" Emily didn't know how to respond.    

"What I did to you was wrong. I am sorry,"  said Victor, with a calm face. 

He soon continued, "But if I could go back in time, I would have still done the same thing. I did what I needed to do to save Anne... I can't leave her alone to die."    

Alas, Anne didn't want Emily's heart. Victor was determined to find another way. He had to.  

"... Fine,"  she said. However, Emily wasn't really satisfied.    

Victor was her mentor, her boss. In her eyes, he would always be the genius jewelry designer she had aspired to be.    

And yet, if everything had gone back to normal, things between them would never be the same again.    

Emily tried to say something, but in the end, she swallowed all her words.    

"Take care, Mr. Victor,"  she said. It would be the last time they spoke.  

Victor paused and looked at her for a second.    

"Goodbye, Emily,"  he said. Jacob walked in with a long face and pulled Emily out.    

"What did you do?" Emily asked as soon as they left the room. "You hit him, didn't you?"    

"I did."    


"He was trying to hurt you. Isn't that enough?" Jacob's face was still cold as he continued, "I should have killed him.    

Don't worry. He will never set foot in Z country again.  

Speaking of which, you don't seem to be worried about me. Emily, I was hurt, too."

"You were hurt?" Emily frowned and asked, sounding concerned, "Are you OK? Let me see."

Jacob pretended to be serious for a moment and then he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chest.

His chest revealed several scratches, that were apparently, done by Emily last night. Jacob did it on purpose to tease her!

"I have more on other parts of my body. Do you want to see them, too?" he said, as he continued to pull his shirt.

"No, I don't," Emily said, as she turned away in shame.

"It hurts a lot. You were so rough last night," he mocked her.

"Whatever." Emily tried to get away from him when suddenly he pulled her back. Before she could say anything, Jacob jammed his mouth to hers in a deep kiss.

"I missed you so much..." he whispered.

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