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Season 2

Episode 97

(Call me dear brother)

Anne was taken aback by the coldness in Victor's eyes. Her eyes shifted to the side and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. 

As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks.    

"Anne..." Flustered, Victor murmured, seeing the tears on her face. The usual coldness on his expression was replaced by a sense of helplessness so quickly as if Anne had unknowingly flicked a switch in Victor's heart.  

"You're very mean,"  said Anne, feeling wronged. Her eyes and the tip of her nose reddened with shame as she lowered her head and continued crying, like a weak little kid that had been bullied at school.    
"I'm sorry,"  Victor apologized immediately. The sight of Anne breaking down into tears broke Victor's icy heart to pieces. 

It didn't matter to him whether he was right or wrong anymore. The next second he pulled her into his arms and said,"I shouldn't have said that. I am sorry. It was my fault. Please, don't cry."    

'How could I forget that she's not strong enough to handle harsh words? And she's not strong enough to bear such behavior from me, ' he thought.  

Resting her head on his chest, Anne grasped this opportunity and said,"I want some strawberry cakes."    

Victor's attitude softened as he said,"Okay, I'll get you some, later."    "I want two,"  she insisted.    

"No..." answered Victor.    

Anne sniffled into his sleeves and began crying again at Victor's words.    

"Well, all right, as you wish,"  agreed Victor. He thought it was more important to calm her down first, so he promised without delay.  

Having achieved her goals, Anne wiped the tears off her face at once. Her tear smudged face made her look like a tender kitten.    

"..." Meanwhile, Emily watched and listened to the two of them compassionately, as they argued and then made up within minutes.    
Finally, turning his attention to Emily, Victor sneered and said,"Emily, you've tried countless times to escape, but you've failed every time. I think you should give up on trying."    

Emily frowned, and asked gloomily,"Did you install a signal jammer on me?"  

"Yes. I won't let you escape. The whole region is under my control, so I suggest you stop wasting efforts on trying to contact Jacob. Guards, take her away,"     

said Victor, as he picked Anne up in his arms and walked away without looking back at Emily.    

Escorted by several men, Emily bit her lip and followed Victor silently, desperate and powerless.    

After they walked back into the hospital, Victor quickly sent Anne to doctors for a complete check-up. 

When a doctor told Victor that Anne was in good health, he finally put his worries to rest.    

However, that night Emily caught a high fever. Perhaps it was because she was exposed to the cold wind, after she gave her coat to Anne to keep her warm.  

Thought it may seem strange, it was actually a blessing in disguise for Emily to catch a high fever at that moment.    

Since Emily was unwell, the surgery had to be delayed. 'The later, the better, ' thought Emily.    


In Jingshi City, Z Country  Emily had been missing for a long time now. 

In her absence, Jacob's whole world was in shambles. He had scoured the entirety of Z Country, but there was no sign of Emily. How could a human being disappear from the face of the Earth?  

The people who interacted with Jacob were constantly cowering in fear and intimidation. 

He was like an atomic bomb with a short fuse, that could explode given the slightest bit of displeasure.    

Even Emily's parents dared not to offend him, because they knew that, Jacob was only being polite to them because of Emily. And after Emily went missing, Jacob stopped disguising his resentment for the couple with fake emotions.    

Emily's disappearance worried Debby. Although Emily was not her biological daughter, Debby still had a soft spot for Emily since she was the one who had raised Emily.  

However, every time she thought of Tina, who had a deep affection for Jacob, Debby would be haunted by the crazy thought that it might be better if Emily never came back.    

In fact, Jacob was disgusted by the mere presence of Debby and Andrew, ever since he found that the couple didn't care about their daughter, Emily.    

With a single glance, he could tell that the couple were just pretending to be worried. Their bad acting made Jacob sick.    

However, he had no choice but to ignore the couple because the most important problem for him was finding Emily.  

With no good news after countless days of waiting, Jacob raised his hand all of a sudden and smashed the expensive porcelain vase on his desk. "Bang!"    

Staring at the scattered porcelain pieces on the ground, Jacob's eyes were full of gloom. He felt anxious at every waking moment as if he was being stabbed in the heart a thousand times without dying.    

'Emily, Emily, Emily...'    

Where the hell are you? !'    

Jacob was lost in the torrid vortex of the moment.    

Suddenly, the phone, which was the only thing on the desk that hadn't been destroyed by Jacob, rang. 

However, the shrilling ringing, which sounded sweet before, made Jacob even more irritated.  

Yet with a glimmer of hope, he answered the phone. David's voice came to him from the other end of the phone; Jacob hadn't heard from him for a long time.    

"I heard that Emily is missing?" asked David.    

Jacob frowned and thought that David was mocking him. He coldly replied,"If you called me for this. 

You'd better shut up and hang up the phone. And while you're at it, why don't you try looking for your own wife and child first, instead of worrying about my girl!"  

As if hurt by Jacob's last words, David sharpened his tone and replied,"Ah! You are right! Do you really think I didn't know that it was you and Emily who helped Rita in her escape? I used to trust you so much, man! But you fucking lied to me!"    

"I don't have time for this! Fuck off!" Jacob roared.    

"So you are mad at me and have no interest in what I'm going to say, hah? Well, I tried to be kind, but as it turns out, my kindness comes no good! Jacob, you fucking deserve it! This is what you get for breaking up other people's families..." Before David finished his words, Jacob hung up the phone.  

"Fuck!" Infuriated, David screamed at his phone, even though there was nobody on the line.    

David was mad at Jacob because he felt wronged. It was Jacob who had cheated him, but before he could get even with Jacob, Jacob pulled the trigger at him first. 'How dare he treat me like a coward?    How can I be friends with such a faithless man? I treated him like a brother!    

I suppose, this is where our friendship ends. Fuck him!' David cursed in his mind.  

However, just a few minutes after David made up his mind that he would never call Jacob again, he heard his phone ringing—It was Jacob.    

'Pfft, is he going to apologize to me?' David thought and answered the phone.    

"Did you call me to tell me that you have news about Emily's whereabouts?" asked Jacob.    

As soon as the phone was connected, David heard Jacob's anxious and nervous voice. He had intended to humiliate Jacob again, but considering Jacob's disheartened voice, David suddenly changed his mind. "Call me 'dear brother', and I will tell you the news,"  he said to Jacob.  

"Dear brother,"  Jacob said, without any hesitation. When it came to Emily, even if David would ask Jacob to call him "dear grandpa", Jacob would have done it in a heartbeat.    

Jacob believed that his dignity was nothing compared to Emily's safety.    
When David heard Jacob's answer, he was so astonished that he almost dropped the phone to the floor. David never expected that Jacob would do such a ridiculous thing, considering what a smug person he was.    

"Where is Emily? Did you hide her in your place?" Jacob suddenly directed the question at David, when he remembered how he and Emily helped Rita leave David before. He thought maybe David hated him for that and took away Emily as revenge.  

David quickly denied the accusation; he said,"You have a very imaginative mind, but I have no reason to kidnap Emily. After all, Rita won't come back to me even if I kidnap Emily."    

David raised his voice when he thought of Rita, without even knowing.    

"Stop your nonsense. Do you have any clue about Emily or not?" asked Jacob.    

"I am not sure but some of my men spotted her in M Country once. I know you have searched all around Z Country. Have you ever thought of the possibility that she might have been in a foreign country?" Without further ado, David told all he knew about Emily's whereabouts to Jacob.  

It was truly a coincidence since David got the news about Emily while he was actually trying to locate Rita. Prior to that, he wasn't even aware that Emily had gone missing.

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