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Season 2

Episode 80

(They all have affairs with different women)

Tina knew it well that her grandfather did not like her, so she did not like him either. Having heard what he had said, Tina rolled her eyes, showing her lack of respect for him.    

'Hmph, what an old fogey.'    

Master Tao found Tina's arrogance and condescension deplorable, as he yelled,"Look at yourself! Do you still remember what it means to respect your elders? Fortunately, the Tao family never had another rotten offspring like you. You bring shame and disrespect to your family name with your continuous misconduct and delinquency. You'd better learn to behave yourself before it's too late!"  

Mr. and Mrs. Tao could not help conciliating, as they said,"Father, please don't be angry. Pay attention to your health please. Tina is still a naive young girl and she knows nothing better. We promise you that we will teach her a lesson later!"    

Master Tao could not help interrupting them, he said,"Naive? I think she is too old to be naive! Now that she's screwed up the ties between our family and the Gu Family, she must be very happy! Sometimes, I really wonder if she really is your biological daughter!"  

Having run out of patience, Tina couldn't tolerate being belittled anymore. Just when she was about to retort, Bess, her mother, held her hand and whispered in her ear,"Keep your mouth shut. Can't you see that your grandfather is angry at you?"    

"Fine, fine, I'll leave right now, okay?" said Tina. With arrogance and contempt, Tina pulled her hand away and turned around to leave.    

This infuriated Master Tao even more, who cursed at her,"You insolent child! Take Tina to the ancestral temple, so that she can kneel and contemplate on her actions!"  

"Father, Tina already realized her mistake and we will see to it that she never displeases you again. 

There's no need for you to bother yourself..."  Mr. and Mrs. Tao loved Tina so much that they could not sit idly and watch as their daughter got punished by Master Tao.    

"You are to blame for her insolence as well. It's also your fault for spoiling her so much! If you don't agree with me, then you can go together with her for self-reflection!" he said. Master Tao's unforgiving stance, showed just how angry and serious he was about the matter.

 Tina's parents, lowered their heads and stopped talking, in fear of making matters worse. They had to helplessly watch as Tina was taken away by Master Tao's major-domo.    
"Let go of me! I don't want to go with you!" cried Tina. She struggled, but failed and was taken away to her family's ancestral temple. 

Desperate, Tina yelled incessantly,"Let me go! Don't touch me!"    

Bess was so worried that she tried to follow Tina, but Abbott pulled her back.    

"Father doesn't want to harm Tina. Don't worry. Tina has been stubborn ever since she got back. She needs to be taught a lesson. Moreover, Mark constantly spoiling her, made things even worse,"  said Abbott.  

Meanwhile, at the hospital.    

"What? Grandfather took Tina away ?" said Mark, with a shocked expression on his face. Mark's eyebrows furrowed with sadness when he heard the news. He knew that their grandfather did not like Tina, and now he was in no position to help her. Only God knew what kind of punishment Tina would have to endure.    

Nevertheless, Mark tried to get up despite his weakened state. When his assistant saw him struggling, he hurried to console him. He said,"Sir, you are in no shape to help anyone right now. You must rest here."  

"I'm okay. Get the car ready for me right now!" he ordered. Mark was determined to go back home. He was always protective of Tina. His concern for Tina could perhaps even raise him from his grave. Only Mark could see that Tina was not capable of enduring any kind of suffering.    

As loyal as he was, Mark's assistant could do nothing but follow the orders of his boss.    

At the Tao mansion.    

Tina was locked in the ancestral temple of the Tao family and made to kneel before the memorial tablets. However, Tina was not alone. There was a middle-aged woman with her, who supervised Tina and made sure that she would not escape her punishment.  

"As Master Tao said, Miss Tina needs to have a deep self-reflection in front of the ancestors."   

The middle-aged woman said, with a straight face.    

"Another old fogey,"  Tina complained and sighed with submission. Never before had Tina faced a punishment like that. Full of resentment, she could not help cursing at her grandfather in her mind.    

After kneeling down for ten minutes, Tina was starting to feel sore and painful. She had never experienced anything like that in her life, as she was brought up with over-indulgence since the day she was born.  

Puffed up with conceit, Tina couldn't bear another moment of being treated like that. "Why should I kneel down? I shouldn't have to kneel before anyone!" she said.    

Noticing the lack of respect for her elders, the middle-aged woman took out a thick ferule and said,"By the orders of Master Tao, I was told to teach you how to behave if you disobeyed the Master's wishes."  

"Who do you think you are? Teach me? You have no right to lay a finger on me!" Tina exclaimed. 

Infuriated, Tina's nostrils flared up, but soon the middle-aged woman was coming at her with the ferule.    

"What are you doing?" A man scolded the woman, and caught the ferule just before it touched Tina.    

The middle-aged woman turned and found out that it was Mark who caught the ferule. Immediately, she dropped the ferule, and answered,"Mr. Mark, I was..."    

Mark's eyes were as fiery as the burning sun. In a cold voice, he said,"Get out of here!"  

Without wasting another second, the woman shut her mouth and made her way out the door. It seemed like she was going to report to Master Tao.    

However, Mark did not care about that at all. All his attention was focused on Tina. He said, in a gentle voice,"Tina, are you okay?"    

"How could I be okay in such a situation? Grandpa made me kneel here for so long..." complained Tina, she bit her lips and said angrily,"He punished me on purpose. He never liked me, not since I was a child..."    

"It's okay. I like you, right?" he said. Mark stroked her forehead, as his love for her shined brightly through his eyes. "Now, let's go back home, okay?" he coaxed.  

"Hmph! My knees are sore,"  Tina complained.    

Without another thought, Mark carried Tina in his arms and walked out in a steady pace.    

"You are injured, right?" Tina looked at his handsome face and continued,"How could you have the strength to carry me? Watch out and do not drop me!"    

"You are as light as a feather, and even if I fall, I will be sure to keep you unharmed,"  answered Mark.    

Satisfied with Mark's answer, Tina's eyes lit up with happiness again. 

She was really good at acting like a bratty child. "Aren't you afraid of angering grandpa?" she asked.  

Mark cast a short glimpse at her and smiled. His over-indulgence was truly to blame for Tina's insolence. "As long as you are happy,"  he said.    

"Yay!" she burst out with joy. Tina smiled from ear to ear, and her eyes shined like two crescent moons, just the way Mark liked to see her.    


Mr. and Mrs. Bai were now living in one of Jacob's mansions. Everyday, Emily would go to visit and have dinner with them after work.  

However, despite her efforts, Emily was annoyed that her parents did not support her relationship with Jacob. She grew tired of hearing their excuses and insinuations about Jacob.    

"Emily, as your parents, we only want to see you be happy. It's true that we haven't been good parents, and we did not oppose your relationship with Jack because of money. But after all of that, your father and I have figured out that the most important thing is that you are happy.    

"He may like you now, but how can you be sure that he will still feel the same way for you in the future? Rich people like them, don't need an excuse to have affairs with multiple women,"  said Debby.  

At first, Emily tried to ignore them, but soon Emily grew impatient. She dropped her chopsticks and said,"Mother, Jacob treats me very well and I am not as incompetent as you think. I'm hard-working and I am capable of taking care of myself. I believe that Jacob and I will be together forever. If we ever end up breaking up, I will not have any regrets because I love him very much!"    

Dumbfounded, Debby was rendered speechless. Just when she was about to retort, Jacob's voice resonated from the dinning hall.    

"Who told you that I will break up with you in the future?" he asked.

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