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Season 2

Episode 79

(Your boyfriend richer than the previous one)

Debby sighed deeply, remembering something. "Emily, I heard from Tina that you two are enemies. How did that happen?" asked Debby.    

"Mom, it's a long story." Emily roughly narrated the story to Debby and towards the end of it, she said,"Anyway, you must be careful and be on your guard. I think that although she failed this time, she won't give up easily and will spare no effort to hurt us next time."  

"I see." Debby frowned and asked as she couldn't hold back her question,"So you mean that Tina hates you because you are together with Jacob? Emily, did you...did you break them up? Were you a home wrecker?"    

"Mom!" Emily said in surprise with her eyes opened wide,"Do you think I'm a person of that kind? Jacob and Tina didn't have anything, not even a real relationship. Tina made up all those things based on her own wishful thinking. He had long rejected an arranged marriage with her."    

Debby couldn't find any excuse to retort, but could only pretended to persuade her genuinely,"Nevertheless, Emily, do you think you and Jacob are well-matched?"  

"I don't see why we are not well-matched. He loves me, and I love him back,"  answered Emily.    

"Emily, you should know that all I say is for your own good." Debby said earnestly and a little worriedly,"There is a big difference between the status of our family and that of Jacob's. How can you ensure that you'll be respected and be happy after you get married? It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife of his class. Rich people like Jacob, are beyond our reach."  

Emily froze a bit and said in confusion,"I don't understand, Mom. When I was dating Jack, you supported me, but now, you seem to oppose strongly that I am dating Jacob. Why? They are of the same family."    

Debby didn't know how to respond and didn't say anything for quite a while.    

Why was she not in favor of Emily dating Jacob? It was definitely because Tina loved Jacob. Tina was the apple of the eyes of her prestigious family, and Jacob was the king of the business world. They were the most well-matched couple in the world!    

Emily, instead, was just a common girl of the town. She had no way to match such an excellent man, let alone the man who was supposed to be with Tina.  

"Anyway, remember that mom won't do anything bad for you." Debby wanted to say more, hoping to plant a seed of doubt in Emily's head. However, Jacob walked in just in time after he answered the phone. 

Debby had no chance to continue and just shut her mouth.    

Jacob glanced at Debby blankly as he sat down. He didn't hear what Debby said, but based on her guilty look, he knew clearly that what she said about him wasn't something good.    

Emily glanced at Jacob, and then looked at her mother. "Mom, I'm already a grown up. I know what I should do. Don't worry about me,"  said Emily firmly.  

She and Jacob finally got together after they experienced so many difficulties. She certainly won't give up on their relationship easily.    

Debby forced a smile. She dared not say anything more,"I...I am happy for you then."    

After the meal, Emily let Andrew and Debby rest in the hotel. Jacob sent several bodyguards outside their room to protect them. After arranging all things properly, Emily left to deal with other things.    

Andrew stretched out on the deluxe king-size bed, sinking in its luxurious softness. He felt so comfortable that he closed his eyes to enjoy it. "How much does this deluxe presidential suite cost? 

Emily is really lucky. It is unbelievable that she gets a boyfriend richer than the previous one!" He chuckled.  

Suddenly, he remembered that Emily didn't give him money for gambling before, so he couldn't help complaining,"This damn girl hadn't ever thought about us after she began living such a wealthy life. She just wants to enjoy it on her own! Ungrateful girl!"    

"Shh! Lower your voice, Drew!" said Debby as she lay on the bed beside him. She leaned towards Andrew and whispered in his ear,"Remember, we still have our biological daughter!"  

"I certainly remember that!" said Andrew. Andrew became angrier as he remembered what Tina did to them. "That damn girl treated us in such a bad way. How dare she!" murmured Andrew.    

Compared to Tina, Emily always treated them in a kind and gentle way.    

"She doesn't even know that we are her parents. We cannot blame her. 

She is our biological daughter, your dear daughter! Unlike Emily." Debby reminded Andrew. She turned to a tender look and in defense of Tina, she said,"She was such a little baby at that time when she left us. Now, she has become so beautiful. Don't you think that she looks just like you?"  

If they hadn't gotten accurate information from those two strong men earlier, they would never have known that the high-status lady was their own flesh and blood. The daughter whom they hadn't met for more than twenty years, Hearing what Debby said, Andrew changed his tone into that of a kind father. "Thinking carefully, she does look a bit like me,"  said Andrew.    

Actually, Andrew didn't like Emily from the very beginning just because Emily was not his real daughter. Now, that he had come close to his biological daughter, naturally, he took Emily less and less seriously.  

"She is now the beloved lady in her house. She can get whatever she wants. So, for her sake, we definitely cannot let out this secret. Do you understand? Drew?" asked Debby.    

Andrew had drifted off to daydreaming. He nodded when his wife nudged him and said,"So we cannot tell her that we are her birth parents? She is living such a good life. She has to treat her birth parents with respect."    

"Can you think about the future, and not just focus on the instant benefits?" Debby said as she poked Andrew on his head,"We birth parents definitely will benefit from it, having our daughter live a good life. Take it easy. The most important thing right now is our dear daughter's marriage!"  

"Her marriage? You mean her marriage to Jacob?" asked Andrew.    
"Yes! Jacob was Tina's fiance. They should be a well-matched couple. 

Emily is certainly a nuisance to their relationship! We have to break them up!" said Debby.    

"But it seems that Jacob is hard to deal with,"  said Andrew hesitantly.    
"I know,"  said Debby as she thought over. "But Emily is our daughter. She listens to us. We can make use of her."  

They planned for it carefully.    

At that same time. Mark was sent to the hospital for treatment.    

The wounds on his body were not too serious, but were just frightening. After all, Mark was not a weak man, so Jacob could not hurt him that badly.    

It seemed that Tina was angry with him. She never came to visit him, which made Mark a little disappointed.    

What he didn't know was that his getting injured and staying in hospital had shocked and alarmed Master Tao, who had been resting in the old house. Master Tao rushed to the villa angrily and scolded Tina harshly,"Do you think that I don't know what you've done? You've become so vicious at such a young age, and now because of you, your brother got hurt. Do you think that you can cover up what you've done with just a lame excuse? You are a bad girl! Unlike the rest of the people in this house!"  




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