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Season 2

Episode 75

(The love between a mother and daughter)

At this time, Emily arrived at the warehouse in the western suburb of Jingshi City. Just as required by Tina, Emily came alone.    

At first glance, Emily saw her parents both kneeling down in front of Tina. She felt as if a knife pierced through her heart. She screamed at the sight. "Tina, what the hell did you do to my parents? You god damn crazy bitch! This is between you and me. My parents have nothing to do with it!"    

Emily's parents, Debby and Andrew, looked up to see Emily, seeing an expression of pain and anger on her face.  

Up to this point, she still had no idea that she was not their biological child.    

"Hmm… Emily, you are here at last,"  said Tina in a joyful tone. She narrowed her beautiful eyes, as a complacent smile hung on her lips,"But you should blame yourself instead of yelling at me. If you had found out that they were missing a few days ago, they wouldn't even have been tortured for so many days. Emily, you are the ungrateful one!"    

"You…" Emily was too overwhelmed to reply. She was furious, regretful and shocked all at the same time. 

Although she knew that Tina put a dirty twist on the true facts in order to upset her more, she couldn't help blaming herself for all of this. If she had kept in touch with her parents more often, she would have found out that they had been abducted soon enough, and they would not have suffered so much.  

Seeing the wounds and bruises strung together like beads on their bodies, Emily couldn't imagine how much torture they had suffered from Tina. At this moment, Emily could strangle Tina to death if she had the smallest chance. Emily was willing to forgive those who hurt her and insulted her, but never the ones who hurt her family, especially her parents. They were the people whom she valued most!  

"Let them go, Tina!" Emily demanded.    

"Let them go? Why?" Tina clapped her hands in the air, and immediately someone dragged Andrew and Debby aside. Guns were aimed straight to their foreheads, the pitch-dark muzzles were ready to shoot bullets and take the couple's lives in the next second.    

Emily held her breath with panic in her eyes, as she could no longer calm herself. "Don't do this... What the hell do you want from me? You kidnapped my parents and called me in here. What is your purpose? Just to threaten me?" asked Emily.  

"Smart girl!" Tina commented. But her voice was obviously sarcastic. 

"Since you kept your word and came here alone, I'll give you a chance."    

"Just tell me what you want me to do,"  said Emily, without hesitation.   

Tina sneered. She could make Emily do anything she wanted. She threw a sharp dagger towards Emily and said,"I feel sick when I look at your face, so do me a favor. Use that knife to just destroy your beautiful face for me. Okay?"    

Emily caught the dagger and slowly drew it from its sheath. Light reflected off the knife creating a deadly glisten, reflecting on Emily's face. "You want to see me ruin my face with my own hands? That's all you want? So long as I do that, you will let my parents go, right?" she asked.  

"No, Emily. Don't!" Debby blurted out. Debby wasn't surprised by Tina's request. After all, she had suffered a lot in Tina's hands and knew full well how ruthless and cruel she could get. Although Tina was her real daughter, Emily was the child that she raised herself. Of course she loved her own daughter deeply, but she could not let her adopted daughter get hurt.    

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll be fine. I'm gonna get you out of here,"  said Emily. She tried to comfort her mother in a gentle voice. However, at this moment, all Emily could manage was a weak smile.  

Debby's lips trembled and she began to weep, as she said in a choked voice,"Emily…" Emily was also her daughter.    

Tina gave Debby a hard slap. The slap interrupted what Debby was about to say. She was hit so hard that her face went numb. Debby choked and spat out some blood.    

"What a deep love between mother and daughter!" said Tina in a sarcastic tone. Tina shook her right hand that she had slapped Debby with. It was throbbing with pain. She hit the older woman that hard. 

Immediately a henchman came up to her and wiped her hands carefully with a handkerchief.  

The slap was like a heavy blow and in Emily's heart, it hurt more. She held her hand so tightly that her short nails cut into her palms. After a quiet moment, Emily said in a tone of warning,"Tina, you are going too far!"    

"Too far? I've done more than that. Do you want to know?" asked Tina.    
Emily said nothing, with her teeth clenched, as she was burning with anger. With the dagger already in her hand, she tried her best to resist the impulse of killing Tina, and said,"You haven't answered my question."  

"What question?" asked Tina in a mocking tone. She blinked just like a innocent little girl. The devil inside this woman knew how to hurt and insult at the perfect time.    

"If I did what you wanted me to do, will you let my parents go?" Emily asked again.    

"Hmm, it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in,"  answered Tina. She was savoring this moment, succeeding in taking control of Emily. "But if you don't do that, I will shoot them dead."    

"Tina Tao!" Emily had never hated and would never hate a person as much as she hated Tina now. She gnashed her teeth, staring at Tina with eyes flashing angrily.  

"So, will you do it or not?" Tina asked, playing with her gun, slowly pointing it at Debby, then to Andrew, back and forth as if practicing her aim. Just then she heard Emily's rising voice.    

"I will... I will... Just please move that gun away from them!" Emily's voice quivered.    

Tina moved the gun away, with a smile of satisfaction on her lips, and said,"Be quick, or I'm not sure that they won't lose control of their guns and shoot your parents by accident."    

What did "they" mean? It absolutely meant the two henchmen who were aiming at Andrew and Debby.  

Watching everything unfold, both Emily's parents shivered under the muzzle of the guns.    

Emily gripped the dagger in her hand, slowly moving it toward her face. Suddenly, she stopped and asked,"Tina, I know you hate me so much, but I don't know what kind of destruction you'd want me to do with my face. I'll do however you want it."    

Tina raised a questioning eyebrow and asked,"Really?"    

"After all, only when you are happy can my parents have a slim chance of survival, right?" said Emily, changing tone and sounding weak.  

Tina ordered,"First, run that knife down your right cheek. Make it deep!"    

"Okay." Emily tried to calm down. She touched the edge of the dagger and immediately got a bloodstain in her fingertip. Emily realized that the dagger was very sharp, so she asked,"Is there a doctor here? If I bleed to death, then who knows whether you will let my parents go or not. I don't trust you."    

"Even if you are alive, there may not be much you can do." Tina sneered, looking at Emily with disdain, and said,"I know you're delaying this! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for Jacob to come and save you? I'll tell you this. It's impossible. My brother won't let him find this place."  

Tina had asked Mark to stop Jacob from coming here. That was why she was so confident that no one would come here to save Emily and her parents. Thus, she said to Emily,"Do you think I dare do these things without adequate preparation? Oh Emily. You are such a pathetic and naive little girl! However, I am not a patient woman, so I warn you that you'd better not play tricks on me, or your parents will suffer more! Come on, knife your face!"    

In truth, Tina had too many ways to kill Emily. But she preferred to watch Emily knifing her face on her own free will. There was more pleasure and thrill in it.  

'If Emily's beautiful face is reduced into a scarred ugly face, just like a monster, will Jacob still like her? Of course he won't!' thought Tina triumphantly.    

Emily frowned at Tina's words, as her eyes narrowed with a faint worry.    

However, Tina guessed wrong. Emily was not as stupid as before. She had told Jacob all about this matter. She had promised him that she would not conceal anything from him, and if she needed any help, she would ask him without hesitation. At this moment, Jacob knew everything.  

As a matter of fact, Jacob had promised Emily that he would do all in his power to save her parents. However, Emily could not wait any longer, so she came to meet Tina without telling Jacob. For Emily, at this time, all she needed to do was to take a chance, stalling Tina until Jacob came.    

However, to Emily's surprise, Tina had asked Mark to stall Jacob from coming here. Thus, Emily began to worry whether Jacob would handle Mark in time and come to her rescue. Although Jacob was a powerful man, Mark also had power and influence. No one knows how it would turn out when they meet.  




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