Wednesday, 27 May 2020


🚫 she's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut}🎀

Episode 32

🌟 Clarice Turner 🌟.

"Hmm tempting offer but what's in for you?" I asked because I know the meb here. They all want the same thing and I can't give them.

" I want you and I to be come a thing that's all."he said with a so much lust.

" Am sorry but I can't accept your offer you can keep your promotion."  I said menacingly and stood up.

" Look miss Turner am your golden ticket to becoming a world famous surgeon. Don't act like you don't want it." He said shamelessly

I was forced to give him a slap.

I hate shitty folks. 

" How dare you b*tch!" He spat angrily..

"Don't you ever try to touch me or you gonna regret it. Have a nice day Mr IA." I said angrily and left his office.

I went my office foaming in anger. I almost smashed everything on my desk.

Jay was right I've to stop flirting around am gonna have myself to blame for all the insults.

I broke into uncontrollable tears.

❌ Jayred Knights ❌

I woke up with a smile curved on my lips. Wanted to give freedom a call but I changed my mind.

Maybe I should go pay her a visit at the hospital.

Am gonna take her to lunch. I rubbed my eyes with the Back of my palm as I walked quietly to the bathroom.

I took a shower and got clad in a blue jean and a white button up shirt.

Picked up my car keys and walked out.


Pulled up Infront of the hospital and walked towards the entrance.

I walked past the receptionist who was busy drooling over me.

Got to her office only to find her in a sober mood.

" Clary ? What's wrong." I asked.

She ran into my arms when she saw me.

"Everyone wants to flirt with me." She cried in my arms and that alone made my blood boiled..

Who is the bastard that made my freedom cry this much.

" Who tried to misbehave with you?" I asked as I was getting infuriated.

" Donna price." She mumbled as I stroke her hair.

Wait ! Did she say Donna price ? The IA rat ?

Have heard about how he goes about messing with all the employees but believe me this is gonna be his last.

" Its okay dear don't cry am here now." I cooed.

" What took you so long." She pouts .

" Am sorry freedom I over slept.", I explained.

" You should have gave me a call." She whined.

" Am sorry dear give me a sec I'll be right back." I said and pulled away from her.

" Promise?"

" I promise." I said and left her office immediately.

I needed no direction to the IA rats office.

I barged into his office aggressively.

"Hey you how dare..." He kept shut when he realized I was the one.

The youngest billionaire in LA.

"Erm sorry Mr knight I never knew you were the one." I didn't even waste my time before giving him a hard punch on the cheek.

"That's for trying to mess with my Clary." I gave him a kick that sent him flying.




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