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Episode 38

🌟 Jayred Knights 🌟

We sat at the dinning table having lunch as the whole family chatted happily I wonder why Tyler isn't here yet.

I thought he has changed after he came back from rehab.

Tyler is my half brother and trust me he's the odd one in the family.

" So tell me Clary are you having a good time? Dad asked as she shoved meatball into his mouth.

" Why won't she when Jay is right there."Adrien said with a smirk.

", Oh shut up Adrien." Jay glared playfully.

" Yeah it's nice meeting you all especially you ma'am."Freedom said and mom was super happy.

" Wait! What about me? " The ever drama queen Adrienne said with a raise brow.

" Silly I'm happy to meet all of you. Really it's an honor." She said with sincerity.

Am beginning to freak out. Really wanted to talk to freedom but my whole family is all around her making it difficult for me to get through to her.

She was seated beside me while Adrienne opposite direction.

I sneaked my hand under the table and tickle her thigh.

She stylishly looked at me and gave me a warning only me could understand.

"  I think someone is in love but he's scared to admit me.can you tell me something I can say to my friend." Adrienne said feigning seriousness but I know her not to be a serious person.

" Really Michel is finally in love? Wow tell him to love with his heart not brain." Mom advice and it felt like she was talking to me..

" Hello family." I heard the bad boy of the house Said from the entrance.

Tyler is finally here.

" Woa Jay you're here.", He gave me a handshake and pinched Adrienne on the cheek.

", Hey mom and dad." He said and ruffle Adrien's hair .

His eyes fell on Clary when he took his seat beside Adrienne.

I felt jealous judging from the way he was staring at her.

" And you're ?" He asked in a cool way.

" Erm hello I'm Clary Jay's best friend you must be Tyler." Clary said innocently.

Tyler couldn't take his eyes off Clary. i felt like crushing his bones. How dare him stare at my Clary like that.

" Seriously you're really beautiful. Jayred is lucky to have someone like you as a friend." He said showing off his white set of teeth .

I glared at him but he wasn't gonna back off anytime soon.

Tyler is a big time play boy and a drug addict.

He had to be taken to rehabilitation center for him to get better but I have a feeling he didn't get any better.

" You can say that again and guess what children Clary here was the one that got Jay's brain aneurysm treated." Mom added smiling sheepishly.

I sighed tiredly.

" That's so nice of you.", Tyler said boring holes on her skin .

I could tell freedom was getting uncomfortable with his stares.




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