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Episode 36

❌ Jayred Knights ❌

Mom peeked freedom on the cheek.

" Aww she's so cute." Mom pulled her cheeks playfully.

"Freedom meet my mom , mom this is freedom my friend. " I introduced them.

" Nice to meet you ma'am. " Clary said shyly..

" Am honored . Come have a seat dear. My husband will be here soon. " Mom said .

I could tell Mom really likes her.

" I'll be right back freedom. Take care of her mom." I said and walked into the elevator which took me upstairs.

I went upstairs to Adrien's room am pretty sure he's in there.

Adrienne must be out with her friends partying or doing what girls do.

Adrien and Adrienne are my younger siblings they're twins actually.

The door to his room opened automatically and I walked in. He was seated by his study table sketching. 

Adrien is very good at what he does.

" Hello baby brother." I Smirked playfully.

He dropped his colorful pencil and stood up.

" Hey Jay you're here?" He moved closer and gave me a hug.

" Don't tell me you missed me ." I teased him.

" Yeah I did. Have you seen mom? " He asked.

" Yeah she's downstairs with Clary just wanted to check up on you." I SMiled and raffle his hair.

" Wait ! Clary? Who's Clary? No let me guess your girlfriend? " He smirked evilly.

" Oh come on Clary is my Friend. She's the doctor that saved my life. " I explained but I know Adrien he's definitely not give up so soon.

" Really? Okay I believe you." He said trying to suppress his laughter.

" You're so unbelievable." I chuckled softly and gave him a playful punch on the arm.

I really missed his *ss. 

Suddenly the door pushed open and Adrienne raced in and jumped on me .

We fell to the ground in the process.

"Woa woa calm down tiger."I chuckled and tried to free Myself from her .

" Oh my goodness Jay I missed you so much. Wait! You didn't call to say you were coming, I would have  gotten prepared. " She pouts childishly 

" Come on Adrienne I'm not your boyfriend. By the way I missed you my kunfu panda. " I tickle her making her laugh so hard.

" Am glad you're here Jay I want you to give me more tips on how to woo a girl. "Adrien said.

" Oops what happened to Lauren , let me guess she dumped your *ss." Adrienne said mockingly.

" Oh shut up loose mouth." Adrien glared and Adrienne glared even harder.

And that's my siblings they're one hell of a crazy beings.

" Calm down guys that's enough. I thought I said no more fighting?" I furrowed my brows.

" Erm Adrianne Jay came with some girl he said they're besties but I don't believe him. " Adrien stated.

I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" Oh really? You got to be kidding me Jay! Don't tell me you brought a girl home. " Adrienne said with her drama.

Seriously my family is complicated.




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