Friday, 29 May 2020


🚫 she's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut}🎀

Episode 35

🌹 Clarice Turner 🌹

The day to go to seettle city finally came.

Jay had taken his private jet. Damn it's cool and at the same time I was nervous.

What if his parents doesn't like me as a friend to their son?

Ttch Clary stop thinking negatively.

I mentally slapped myself.

"Hey freedom are you okay?" Jay asked with concern.

I nodded affirmatively.

 He placed his hand on my palm and rocked it tenderly.

I fell asleep before I could know it.


"Wake up sleepy head." I heard Jay said but I seriously enjoying my sleep I don't wanna get up.

" No let me sleep alittle longer." I pouts childishly.

" wake up or am gonna put spider in your hair. " Hr threatened and i jumped outta the seat immediately.

" Am up am up! " I panicked.

Gosh I hate spiders especially big scary ones.

" Now that's better. Shall we?" He stretched forth his hand which I took.

He led me outta the jet as I stepped my foot stepped on seettle soil.

" Welcome to seettle city mi amor." He smiled and led me to the black SUV waiting for us.

He opened the door and I got in , he did too and the driver drove away.

I kept my eyes by the windshield as I enjoyed the beautiful view of seettle.

There's no way I won't go sight seeing.

Jay is Definitely gonna take me touring around the city before we leave.

The car came to Halt infront of a gigantic mansion.

Woa the knights are indeed multi billionaires.

" We're here freedom welcome to the knights mansion." He chuckled softly and opened the door for me which I stepped outta the car.

" Wow it's so beautiful." I complimented as I looked around the whole place.

They have servants all around the place. This is awesome.

" Mom and dad must be waiting.shall we mi amor?" He was acting like a gentleman and i kinda liked it.

All the servants bowed to us as we walked towards the entrance of the building.

Damn the interiors are breathtaking.

"  mom and dad should be waiting at the main living room." He added and led me through two separate living rooms before we got to the biggest of them all omg it's so beautiful.

Everything was glittering like it was actually made of gold.

" Aww my baby is home ." A lady who had a striking resemblance with Jay said and rushed Jay with a hug.

" Hello mother ." Jay said and peeked her cheeks.

She left Jay and moved closer to me when she noticed me .

" Good day ma'am." I greeted nervously 

" Omg you must be Clary , Jay won't stop talking about it." She grinned from ear to ear and pulled me into a hug.

I gave Jay a oh really look. He stuck out his tongue.



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