Thursday, 28 May 2020


🚫 she's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut}🎀

Episode 34

🌟 Jayred Knights 🌟

I thought Donna the lesson of his life now I'm just gonna hand him over to the cops.

I waited patiently for freedom in her office.

Touching every little antique in her office.

I must say freedom got style. She got the boast 

I was still playing around when the door push open and freedom walked towards it..

" And look who we have here? How was it? ' I asked.

" Well it was tiring but it's good. " She collapse on the couch..

" Sorry dear maybe I should get you home needs some rest." I said

"No am fine right now all I want is ice cream. " She pouts like a child.

" I think might know a ice cream shop around here. "I said and dragged her along.


" Hmmm taste good when you combine the flavors trust me you'll be wowed. " She giggled..

" Can I taste it? "I asked.

She nodded and I moved closer to her and she fed me her ice cream.

" Hmm it's nice." I said as went back to the soda I was drinking.

Am still recovering I don't really need anything to go wrong.

" Come with me Clary I want to show you something." I said and stretch out my hand and she took it.

I led her to my car and together we drove off..

I took her to the beach I know she loves coming to the beach..

She giggled in excitement as we walked towards the beach around ..

Am so glad she's happy.

She sat down on the ground making sand castle.

" Come on Jay don't be so boring." She teased me.

" Let me show you what boring." I Smirked and dragged her into the water making her soaking wet.

We both ended up wet pretty.


That was fun I love it." She said happily.

" Am glad you had fun." I smiled as we both became silent.

I brought my face closer to hers and she did the same.

Slowly I took her lips in mine.

The kiss was so tender and filled with hidden emotions.

I broke the kiss and compose myself immediately.

She looked away shyly.

 Had to bring her home after all the days fun it was really late already.

" Good night knuckle head." She said not looking at me and stepped outta the car.

" Good night freedom I'll give you a call." I said.

She nodded and. Walked into the house. I made sure she was in before driving away.

I don't know what is it but I can't seem to be able to resist her pink small lips.

Everything about her is perfect and magnificent.




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