Thursday, 28 May 2020


🚫 she's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut}🎀

Episode 33

🌹 Clarice Turner 🌹

Thank goodness jay came over he's just the comfort I needed at the moment.

He told me he was going to do something.

He returned shortly with latte. 

"Here have this." He said and handed it to me.

" Where did you run off to ?" I asked..

" I went to do something important and don't worry about the IA rat he won't bother you anymore. " He said Calmly and sat down on the couch in my office..

" What did you do Jay?" I asked because I know he must have done something to Donna hope he didn't give him much beating.

Erm actually I would be very happy if that was the case..

" Well I sent him back to where he belongs. The cops Will be here anytime soon to pick up their IA rat. " He chuckled..

" You naughty rascal. I sent you a text but you never replied to it. " U pouts childishly.

" Am sorry dear that's why I came wanted to see your face instead of texting. " He smiled..

" I also wanted to see your face . " I Mumbled as I sat down beside him..

He rubbed his palms together.

" How long as Donna be bothering you?" He asked all of a sudden.

" He's been on my neck ever since I was brought here. Seriously nerve wrecking. " I rolled my eyes..

"Well that's the last of him . Are you busy wanna show you something. " He said and pinch my nose. 

" Have two pending operations dear. " I explained.

" Don't worry am gonna wait for you. Take your time freedom." 

" You're such a darling knuckle head. " I teased before exiting my room.

My assistant almost ran into me. The first patient was ready for this operation.

I changed into my ward clothing and wore a net over my hair.

Woa a bullet wound. I quickly got my team together and get to work.

" Surgerical blade now?!" I asked and it was handed to me.

I used it as a bridge to get the bullet out and it worked I I got it out.

The operation was successful and the bullets had been removed.

I asked my assistant to clean up the patent and send him to another ward for observation.

I removed the handglove and change into a new one.

The other patient should be at the second operation theater.

This is gonna take awhile.  I wonder how Jay is holding on in my office.

I was walking towards the next operation theater when I saw Donna being dragged away by the cops.

He tried to hide his fear so am gonna make fun of him.

Well I did he deserves the worst punishment.

Am sure his woman be in a very good lady.



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