Saturday, 23 May 2020


🚫 She's A Player 🚫

🎀{ Angel at day , slut at night}🎀

Episode 24

🌟Jayred Knights 🌟

To be honest I felt relieved after talking to her.

Felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulder.

"Welcome to the club of singles Jay." She Chuckled and I also burst into laughter.

"I never knew there was a club for single folks tho."I cleared my throat.

" You know what? Let's make a vow a pinky vow actually.", She showed me her pinky finger.

" What's a pinky vow?" I asked obviously interested.

"It's a sacred vow friends make to protect their friendship . " She explained.

"Oh alright Clary am ready. "I said and locked my pinky finger with hers.

"To our new found friendship." She said and tighten the locked fingers.

"To our new found friendship." I repeated and removed her finger from mine.

" Let's get you back to the hospital you need to rest. Time up Mr. " She chuckled softly as she stood up and wheeled me to her car.

Seriously she has a way of making someone happy.

What am yet to understand is why she's been called a virgin slut.

Got into the car and drove us outta the park.


🌷 Clarice Turner 🌷

I wheeled him into the hospital as we kept laughing and talking about random things.

I helped him up and made him lay down on the bed.

"Time for some check up." I said as I made him lay properly before checking his heart rate first.

Which was moving at a steady level . His blood pressure is stabilized.

"Thank you Clary." He mumbled as he stared at me.

" Thank for what jerk." I rolled my eyes at him.

" For being there for me tiny *ss.", He smirked playfully.

"WTF 😳 my *ss isn't tiny. Mom used to call me the queen of butts." She pouted her lips.

" You thought you were the only one that's allowed to nickname right?" He said sarcastically.

" Shut up and Relax jerk this might hurt alittle." I said as I filled the injection with dinphenhydramine and injected him before sedating him.

He needs lots of rest to help his brain relax too.

Left his ward when I was sure he was asleep.

On my way to my office I bumped into that Michaelson.

I wonder what he wants this time around.

"Hey miss Turner we need to talk." He said and dragged me into my office.

"What do want mister." I frown deeply.

"I don't know what you did to me or how you did it but I can't seem to get you off my head after what happened last time." He said as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"look Micheal whatever Happened in that restroom ends there ." I said menacingly.

" Gosh Clary I want you so badly I wanna feel your warmth lips around my joystick."he said and pulled me closer to him by the waist.

His warm breath fanned my face as I was slowly getting turned on.

"Come on Micheal you shouldn't do this here."I managed to say as his lips found it way to my ear lobe.

He bit them playfully and trailed kissses around my neck.

I held on to him as his lips did magic on me.

He smooched my tits with one of his hands as he slowly claimed my lips kissing roughly like his life depends on it.

Gosh this is my working place this has to stop.

I pulled away from him forcefully.

"You should leave Micheal." I said and went straight to my desk.

"Why do you always put some one in the mood and ends up stopping halfway." He asked looking faustrated

" That's because I don't want to .good day Micheal." I said.

" Gosh you're such a b*tch !", He said angrily and walked outta my office.




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