Monday, 18 May 2020


🚫She's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut }🎀

Episode 14

🌟  Clarice Turner 🌟

I walked quietly into the hospital just in time a nurse came running towards me.

"Thanks goodness I found you. The patient is awake." She said breathlessly.

I ran towards his ward immediately and walked in.
He was truly awake.

"Don't try to move just relax you should be fine soon." I assured as I checked his blood pressure.

"Where am I? What happened?" He whispered audibly.

"You're in a hospital. " I answered.

" Hospital? How did I get here? " He further asked.

" You were involved in a fatal accident." I said and checked his heart rate too.

The most important thing is that there was no case of memory loss.

That's the most important thing.

He tried to think and his head started hurting pretty bad.

"I told you to relax you're just recovering from a brain surgery don't think about anything. " I cautioned.

He nodded with his eyes closed.

I sedated him so he could sleep peacefully.

I left him after making sure he had fallen asleep.

He's outta danger now so he would be transferred to the VIP room.

Haven't really heard from anyone that's related to him.

Turns out the person that brought him to the hospital wasn't actually related to him.

This is kinda strange how can any of his relative not ask after him?

I walked quietly to my office and called my assistant through the intercom.

"You called me ma'am." She said as she walked into my office.

" Yeah as you know the patient is being moved to another ward. Kindly get him something to eat he's gonna be very hungry once he wakes up." I said Calmly.

" Okay ma'am ."

" One more thing get me some egg sandwich. That would be all." I said and dismissed her.




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