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Season 2

Episode 53


The husband seemed to be a little embarrassed and he cursed, "Stop your nonsense. Anyways, get the f*ck out of here and don't threaten my wife again. My wife is experiencing severe side effects right now, and none of you will be able to escape from responsibility."

"So, you want this thing to blow up? You are set on blackmailing the hospital out of millions?" Huo Mian demanded coldly.

"That's right, we're going to blow it up so big for the entire city to know."

"Fine, but don't regret it."

"Of course we won't, your threats don't work on us. We're not scared of you. You're just a nurse who's living out her intern years, stop pretending to be high and mighty. Hmph, I will fight you to the death."

"Okay, I'll be waiting." Huo Mian pursed her lips and walked away.

As soon as she left the room, the patient's husband grabbed her off her bed and slapped her right on her face.

"Are you a f*cking idiot? Did you think you could talk sh*t in front of that woman? Aren't you afraid that she was recording you? If you screw up my plans and I end up with no money, I will f*cking suffocate you." The patient's husband bared his ugly face at his wife.

"Honey, can't we just let it go? I don't want to do this anymore. I don't feel good about it. She's a good person who saved our daughter and me. We should be thanking her, not doing this to her," the patient sobbed as she said this.

The husband, however, remained unconvinced. Instead, he pointed at his wife and began cursing at her, "I'm telling you, don't ruin it for me. We've already started, so we're seeing this through. The hospital has to compensate us! Once we're rich, the rest of our lives will be covered."

"But that money doesn't even belong to us in the first place, I..." the patient tried to refute.

Her husband immediately reached out and grabbed her by her neck, "You stupid woman, you're an idiot who can't even give me a son. I shouldn't have begged them that night, I should've let you die. You're a chicken who can't lay male eggs, I'm disgusted. Let me tell you, you have to listen to me on this. If you don't cooperate, I will leave you and our home, and I will divorce you. There are so many women out there, I'm sure there will be others out there willing to give me a son. Then, you and your two money-burning daughters can get the f*ck back to your mother's house."

Fear flashed in the patient's eyes when she heard the word 'divorce'.

When she married him, she decided to never get divorced. Life as a woman was hard. Over the past few years, she had to do chores and take care of her family; her husband was working at a menial job with a low income, and they lived stringently.

Her husband and his parents really wanted sons to bear their family name. They were already unhappy that their first child was a daughter.

After much effort, she became pregnant with their second child. They were told during the ultrasounds that it was a boy, but once the baby was born, they found out that their newborn was just another "money-burning b*tch".

Her husband was pissed off; if it weren't for his plan to coerce Huo Mian and the hospital, he probably wouldn't even show his face at the hospital.

If he knew that his wife would bear him another girl, he would not have knelt and begged that little nurse to save her that night.

He felt cheated, and after he was enlightened by a 'wise person', he immediately thought that it would be a good idea.

Therefore, he and the patient's family teamed up to cause trouble at the hospital, just so they would receive a giant compensation.

"How did it go?" the head nurse asked when she saw Huo Mian walk out of the patient's room.

Huo Mian shook her head, "They're determined to get the hospital to pay."

"Don't worry too much, Director Wu will resolve things when he comes back," the head nurse comforted her.

Huo Mian nodded. After saying goodbye to the head nurse, she headed back to the lab.

The OB/GYN department was unusually quiet these days; apparently, Wu Xiaoxue took some time off and hadn't been to work in days.

She seemed to be extremely unhappy with her punishment, but Director Wu had already made his decision.

He told her that if she didn't want to stay, she was free to resign. She and her uncle were in a cold war.

Ning Zhiyuan, on the other hand, was indifferent towards her since she rejected his request.

Not long after Huo Mian returned to the lab did she realize that it was time to go home.

Chief Han walked up and quietly warned her, "Mian, you should leave from the back door today."

"What wrong?" puzzled, Huo Mian asked Chief Han.



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