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Season 2

Episode 28


"I'm fine." Qin Chu's face was as pale as a ghost despite his consistent denial.

As a health care provider, Huo Mian could immediately tell he wasn't feeling well.

"Come on, Qin Chu, tell me what's wrong." Huo Mian appeared to be extremely anxious. What in the world happened? He was fine just a moment ago.

"It hurts a little here," Qin Chu slowly said as he pointed at his abdomen.

Huo Mian looked at where he was pointing to. "It can't be appendicitis, it's not in the right spot. C'mon, we can't delay this, let's go to the hospital now."

"It's fine, not a big deal."

"No, you have to listen to me." Huo Mian was furious. As a medical doctor from one of the best universities in the world, how could he even attempt to tough it out when he's not feeling well? It was simply unjustifiable.

"It's just enteritidis, it's not a big deal." Qin Chu finally told her the truth.

Huo Mian was caught by surprise. "Enteritidis? Why would you have enteritidis? Oh, we just ate seafood. Oh my god! You can't eat seafood!"

Huo Mian's eyes grew wide as she stared at Qin Chu in disbelief.

Qin Chu held his tongue, seemingly in acquiescence.

But seven years ago, Huo Mian remembered clearly that Qin Chu would eat seafood with her because she loved seafood.

Why didn't she ever notice anything? Had he been hiding it this whole time?

"If you can't eat seafood, why didn't you just say so?" Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu and demanded.

"Because you like it," Qin Chu answered slowly.

Huo Mian became even more furious after hearing his answer. What kind of bullshit answer was that? Just because she liked seafood, it didn't mean he needed to disregard his health and eat seafood with her.

"I also like to eat arsenic, would you like some?" Huo Mian said angrily.

"That works too."

"Works my ass, Qin Chu, you idiot! Get up, we are going to the hospital." Without another word, Huo Mian grabbed Qin Chu's arm. This was the first time since they reunited after seven years that Huo Mian swore.

Not only did Qin Chu not get mad, he smiled...

Because finally, the Huo Mian in front of him was the real Huo Mian from seven years ago.

"Hospital, go! Hurry up!" Huo Mian was running out of patience.

Qin Chu looked at her glowing red face amusingly and smiled, "I'm a doctor, and you're a nurse. We've got two healthcare providers in the family, why do we still need to go to the hospital? I'll just take some pills."

"No, don't try to fool me. Acute enteritidis can be very serious. If it's not treated in time, you will become dehydrated. You'll need an IV.."

"There's some medicine at home. Mian, you should administer my IV."

Qin Chu stared at Huo Mian, his eyes filled with endless waves of tenderness.

"There's medicine at home? Where?" Huo Mian let go of Qin Chu's arm and got up.

"There's an emergency kit underneath the living room cabinet. The infusion tube is in there as well." Huo Mian immediately took the emergency kit out. She gave the kit a glance and noticed that it was well equipped. It had all sorts of over-the-counter drugs as well as infusion tubes.

"Why do you have all this? I've never seen anyone put infusion tubes in their first aid kit." Huo Mian didn't know what to say.

"Because I was prepared to eat more seafood with you," Qin Chu said nonchalantly.

Huo Mian's heart ached when she heard what Qin Chu said. Just because she liked to eat seafood, this idiot decided to have medicine and infusion tubes ready so he could stealthily treat his enteritidis after eating with her? He was risking his life for her.

Huo Mian's face was grim as she administered the IV for Qin Chu.

Her heart felt heavy.

It was an ineffable feeling.

Afterward, Huo Mian checked the flow of the IV bag. Once she ensured everything was normal, she propped a back cushion behind Qin Chu.

Qin Chu felt a little overwhelmed by the unexpected care as he watched her take care of him.

Much like a kid, his eyes were full of happiness, and he was certainly pleasantly surprised.

"Let me ask you something, Qin Chu, why didn't you tell me earlier that you can't eat seafood?" Huo Mian looked into Qin Chu's eyes and interrogated him like a criminal.

"I've gotten used to it since we started dating."

"Gotten used to what? You've gotten used to giving yourself IVs and feeling tortured after eating seafood?"

Qin Chu nodded.

"You dumb idiot." Huo Mian reached out and pinched Qin Chu's devilishly gorgeous face.

"I'm an idiot, you're a genius. We are perfect for each other." Qin Chu smiled.

But Huo Mian's eyes became red...

"Mian, why are you crying?" Qin Chu became flustered as he watched Huo Mian cry.




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