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Season 2

Episode 30


"Mrs. Qin, let me call President Qin first. Please wait here a moment."

Yang was smart enough to not reveal Qin Chu's new address. He surely didn't want to be held responsible or blamed by his boss.

"Mrs. Qin, President Qin says he will be here in half an hour. Please wait in the office." Yang hung up the phone and smiled.

Mrs. Qin didn't say anything, but clearly, she was unhappy.

Qin Chu never showed up again since he last fought with his father, and he even stopped calling them.

Qin Yumin was a very stubborn man. He assumed Qin Chu would only act of his own accord, so he left the city on a business trip to check on the company's branches in Southern China.

Mrs. Qin, on the other hand, missed her son dearly, so she decided to come looking for him at the company.

Qin Chu took out the IV and drove to work after his assistant called him.

"Mom, you were looking for me?"

Qin Chu walked into the office, sat down on his chair and took off his jacket.

"Son, where have you been? Why weren't you at work?"

"I was out on business," Qin Chu said nonchalantly.

"You look pale, are you feeling alright?" A mother could always notice the tiniest of details.

"Yeah, I've been pretty busy."

"I told you not to work so hard. You can delegate miscellaneous tasks to the people below you. You're making me worry."

"Mom, did you need me for something?"

"What would I need you for? I just miss you, that's all, so I thought I would come and see you."

Qin Chu nodded and said nothing. He turned to open the documents on his desk and began reading.

"Son, the Tiantong Group's President is turning sixty soon, you…"

"I don't have time. You and dad can go to those business gatherings," Qin Chu interjected before his mother could finish.

Mrs. Qin sighed, "Son, you're getting older now, you can't just focus on work. You should find a girlfriend. You don't need to get married, just so long as you start dating first. Your dad and I are getting old, and we want grandchildren soon."

"I will keep that in mind." Qin Chu answered, clearly saying it just to satisfy Mrs. Qin.

"There's been some rumors going around. Look at our family status, we can't let those clowns talk about us like that."

"What are they saying about me?" Qin Chu put down the report and lifted his head in curiosity.

"They are saying… um… anyways, whatever they're saying is terrible. Just hurry up and find a girlfriend so I can stop worrying. The girl doesn't need to be like us, it's fine even if she's someone with an ordinary family background. I don't have a lot of demands for you anymore, as long as she's a woman."

The rumors were that GK's president could possibly be homosexual, and Mrs. Qin had been worried sick.

"So it could be anyone?" Qin Chu asked.

"Yes, as long as she's a girl, and of course, as long as she's not Huo Mian."

"I will take care of my own business." Qin Chu looked away as his eyes dimmed.

"If you're not busy, let's have dinner together."

"Mom, I'm busy. Maybe another day."

Qin Chu felt slightly uncomfortable by the fact that after all these years, Mrs. Qin still wouldn't accept Huo Mian.

So, he didn't even provide his mother with the opportunity to have a meal with him. Seeing her son so busy with work, Mrs. Qin didn't dare say anything else and stood up to leave.

As she was walking out, she bumped into Jiang Lingyue, who came to the top floor to deliver some reports.

Due to previous warnings, Jiang Lingyue never had the guts to walk into the president's office again. She would directly pass the files either to the assistant's office or Assistant Yang.

"Mrs. Qin, I didn't know you were here." Jiang Lingyue smiled gracefully.

"Yes." Prior to Qin Chu's return, Mrs. Qin used to be the CFO of GK, so Jiang Lingyue knew who she was.

"If you're not busy, Mrs. Qin, you should come to have tea in my office. I never get to see you, I've missed you dearly since your departure."

"Let's go." Mrs. Qin liked sweet talkers like Jiang Lingyue.

Mrs. Qin knew that Jiang Lingyue studied overseas and that she was smart, talented, and great at establishing social relations. Naturally, Mrs. Qin couldn't help but have a favorable impression towards her.

Qin Chu was working on reports when Huo Mian's call came in.


"Did you finish your infusion?"


"Where are you?"


"Yeah? Accept my video request then." Huo Mian quickly hung up and called Qin Chu again through video chat.

With no other choice, Qin Chu had to hit the decline button and proceeded to send a voice message, "The Wi-Fi at home is down, I can't connect. I don't have enough data on my phone either."

Huo Mian almost passed out with rage.

It's understandable to say that the Wi-Fi was down, but not enough data? Was he expecting her to fall for that lie?

Does this guy look like someone who was afraid to use too much data?

"Qin Chu, are you trying to challenge my intelligence?" Huo Mian sent him a voice message.




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