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Season 2

Episode 60


"I know, but I've never had any ambitious goals, and I never thought about the benefits of having that much money. A normal life is what brings me happiness. Over these years, my mother and I have been working very hard, but it has been very fulfilling."

"Okay, I seem to understand what you mean."

"Thanks for understanding."

"But don't blame me for being blunt; if you ever regret this later on, I hope that you will come and join my side. If you take Shen Jiani's side, then we'll be enemies, and I'll have no choice but to deal with you."

"I understand." Huo Mian nodded.

"Very good, I like smart girls like you."

Although she was unable to lure Huo Mian onto her team, at least Huo Mian said that she wasn't going to help Shen Jiani either.

This comforted Jiang Hong quite a lot, but even though this seemed to be the case, Huo Mian was still a young girl, and she could still change her mind in the future. Therefore, Jiang Hong stated her position, which was, if they became enemies, then all measures would be taken.

This was meant to scare Huo Mian, right?

Even Huo Mian picked up on it…

"If you change your mind later on, you're welcome to come and find me anytime," Jiang Hong didn't forget to add.

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded. She then left after saying goodbye.

She was surprised to see Huo Siqian on the first floor, by the club's entrance.

He drove an orange Ferrari 488, and a sexy-figured model sat in the passenger seat.

After the two got off the car, the model coquettishly wrapped herself around Huo Siqian's arm.

The two of them walked in with laughter and conversation, but from far away, Huo Mian could vividly see Huo Siqian's vulgarity.

How could he just ignore the waiters there and feel up the pretty model right in front of them?

"Whoa, am I seeing clearly? Isn't this my little sister, Mian?" Huo Siqian's eyes lit up in excitement when he saw Huo Mian.

"You've got the wrong person." Huo Mian lowered her voice and then headed straight for the door.

Qin Chu told her that whenever she saw Huo Siqian, she must walk the other way because he was very dangerous.

Although she hadn't noticed just how dangerous Huo Siqian was, Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu was never wrong.

He wouldn't say that about someone for no reason; Qin Chu hadn't even told her to avoid Ning Zhiyuan.

This only meant that Qin Chu saw Huo Siqian as an extremely difficult character to deal with.

"Mian, did my mom call you over?" Huo Siqian knew what was happening as soon as he saw Huo Mian at his mother's private club.

Huo Mian didn't reply, and she had no intention of staying...

Suddenly, Huo Siqian pushed away the model. He rushed up to the door and arrogantly blocked Huo Mian's way.

"What do you want?" Huo Mian looked at him cautiously.

Huo Siqian looked up and down at Huo Mian. Then, smiling oddly, he said, "As always, you're dressed like a country girl, but still likable."

"Could you say something else when you see me? What are you, a tape recorder?" said Huo Mian coldly.

Basically every time Huo Siqian saw Huo Mian, it was either 'little sister, you've gotten prettier', or something along those lines.

All of his words sounded vulgar. Plus, Huo Mian felt like they were all used to pick up girls, so they shouldn't be used on her.

Besides, she didn't go for it anyways. She knew how she looked; did she really need him to tell her?

"Ha, I like it when you're being difficult, it's so cute!" Huo Siqian wasn't angered. Huo Mian's response made him laugh.

"Mian, since you're here, have a cup of coffee before you leave. I don't get to see you often."

"No thank you, I'm very busy." After she spoke, Huo Mian impolitely shoved away Huo Siqian's arm that blocked her way and walked out in large steps.

Huo Siqian licked his lips as he watched Huo Mian's petite figure walk away, and his eyes glowed with an odd light.

"Young Master Huo, do you have a crush on that woman? You seem to like her," the model beside him was getting jealous and coquettishly asked Huo Siqian since she thought Huo Siqian would comfort her.

To her surprise, Huo Siqian frowned and said, "Your face and breasts are okay when you don't talk, but as soon as you speak, I have no interest in you anymore. Go away, I'll give you thirty seconds for you to disappear from my sight."

"Young Master Huo, I'm sorry…" The model didn't think that the famously well-tempered Huo Siqian would have such an aggressive side.

"Go," Huo Siqian coldly spat out one word and then turned to head upstairs.

It was already night time when Huo Mian returned home. She noticed that Qin Chu wasn't home, so she assumed that he was still at work. Then, she suddenly remembered him saying yesterday that he was catching a plane to Taipei tonight.

At this thought, she suddenly heard the sound of keys opening the door behind her.

Huo Mian turned around in fear and immediately grew nervous…

Qin Chu is away on business today, so who else had keys? Could it be a thief?




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