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Season 2

Episode 49


"Mian, I think they're looking for you," Huang Yue stood up and mumbled, her neck extending outside their window.

Huo Mian thought so as well. Her name was rare, so when people called out for 'Huo Mian', it was usually her.

Then, she saw a couple of big men walking towards her, fury written all over their faces.

Ignoring the security guard's efforts to stop them, they stopped in front of the laboratory.

"Who's Huo Mian, come the f*ck out." The leader of the group had a big head and was wearing a gold chain around his neck. He looked monstrous.

"I am, may I help you?"

"You're Huo Mian?" The man reconfirmed.

Huo Mian nodded. She looked at the four men in front of her and confirmed that she didn't know any of them.

"Well, that makes things easier. We are the family members of patient Yuan Fenfen. I'm her oldest brother. I heard that my sister was hospitalized a couple of days ago, and you performed a C-section on her, am I right?"

"Yes." Huo Mian was calm.

"Are you a doctor?"


"I heard that you're just a nurse, an intern nurse at that, right?"

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded.

Huang Yue secretly tugged at the corner of Huo Mian's lab coat, reminding her to say no more.

"So, you're just a f*cking intern nurse. Who gave you the right to perform surgery on my sister, huh? Were you experimenting with my little sister and treating her like a lab rat?"

"It's not like that. It was an emergency, and her baby was in a breech position. She was about to bleed out, and I had no other choice. I only did it to save her and her baby."

"F*ck that! I never heard that a hospital would let a nurse perform surgery, have all the doctors died? Hm, let me ask you, where were the doctors in this big as* hospital?"

"The on-call doctor had an emergency so she couldn't be there, and there was no time to transfer your sister to another hospital. You should ask your brother-in-law about it, he agreed to it," Huo Mian explained word for word.

"I asked my brother-in-law, and he told me that he had no idea you were just a nurse. If he had known that you weren't a doctor, then… he would never let you perform surgery on my sister, not even if her life was in danger."

Huo Mian's expression changed…

If memory served her right, when that patient's husband went to pay the surgical fees that night, she told him that the on-call doctor wasn't here and that the surgery would be risky. However, that man kept on begging Huo Mian, willing to do anything to save his wife and baby. Yet, he had changed his statement… How interesting.

Huang Yue was agitated and stood up, "What do you mean? Huo Mian and I were nice enough to save your family, and now you're saying this? Did you know that if she didn't operate on your sister at that time, she would be a corpse by now!"

"B*llshit! Don't think I don't understand what's happening here, we're not stupid! You are just nurses, and to fulfill your own agenda, you used my sister like a lab rat, and this despicable hospital is covering it up for you! Let me tell you, my sister hasn't been discharged yet, and she's obviously not feeling well. Trust me, you will be made responsible for any side effects she may have."

"I checked up on your sister, she's doing fine and will soon be discharged."

"Impossible, my sister was just saying that she felt dizzy and can't be discharged anymore. Your hospital and you irresponsible lot conducted an experiment on a patient. You have to provide an explanation for my family."

"Explanation? What kind of explanation are you looking for?" Huo Mian seemed to realize what the patient's family was here for.

"You and your hospital have to provide compensation to my sister accordingly."

Of course. Huo Mian laughed as soon as she heard this sentence.

"So, you're telling me that you brought all these people here today to extort us, right?"





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