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Season 2

Episode 27

(Take Advantage)

With a 'bang', Huo Mian dropped the fork she was using to eat lobster with on the table. She rose and said, "What gives you the right to comment on my private business?"

"Ooh, look, my favorite little sister is angry. You're so charming when you're angry."

Huo Mian was furious and wanted to talk back, but Qin Chu placed his hand around her waist and said, "Mian, let's go."

After walking out of the restaurant, Huo Mian was still angry...

"Why did you pull me away, I should've taught him a lesson."

"Listen to me, avoid him from now on. Don't go near that person; he's very complicated."

To Qin Chu, Huo Siqian was a dangerous person, and that was why he forbade Huo Mian from approaching him.

Truthfully, Huo Mian had always avoided him. But, for some reason, he was always floating around her...

It was the same seven years ago as it was seven years later...

"Mr. Huo, who was that woman?"

"She's my sister." Huo Siqian chuckled.

"Isn't Yanyan... your only sister?" the woman seemed surprised and asked Huo Siqian.

"Yeah, but this is also my sister, my… dearest sister." The corners of Huo Siqian's mouth rose up into a smile.

Due to Huo Siqian's interruption, their seafood dinner disappointingly went to waste.

"We paid for the food but we didn't get to eat it. How unfortunate." In the car, Huo Mian pouted.

"I asked them to pack it up and deliver it to our home."

When Huo Mian heard that, she gave him a thumbs up and said, "Good job."

"Thanks to food, you complimented me for the first time. Should I be happy or unhappy?" Qin Chu looked at her with an odd expression on his face.

Huo Mian dryly coughed and remained silent...

Soon after they drove back to Imperial Park, the restaurant delivered the food.

In the delivery was everything they ordered.

Then, the two began joyfully eating again.

In between the meal, Qin Chu inadvertently asked, "Huo Zhenghai wants you to return to the Huo Family?"

Huo Mian nodded, "Last time when grandma passed away, he asked me but I refused. Think about it, he never paid attention to me over the past years, and now that I am older, he comes back looking for me. Don't you think that's ridiculous?"

"He probably has hidden intentions behind his kindness," Qin Chu analyzed.

"Of course, I suspect that it's about his inheritance. Huo Siqian wields the majority of the power in the Huo Corporation. Although he's only the vice president, it's been said that Huo Zhenghai had been overtaken and he cannot control his son. All these years, Jiang Hong and her adopted son quietly seeped through the internal departments of the corporation, buying people out and bribing members of the board. The expulsion of Huo Zhenghai's favorite mistress, Shen Jiani, and her two children is bound to happen sooner or later. Huo Zhenghai may have seen this coming, so he decided to utilize my return to officially transfer shares to me, which will eventually go to Shen Jiani to make sure that they won't be kicked off the board."

"I thought that you weren't concerned with this, I didn't expect your research to be so thorough." Qin Chu always knew that Huo Mian had an astonishingly high IQ, so he was never surprised when she revealed her smarts.

"I didn't have to do any research. It's really easy to deduce since I see it on the financial news all the time. The asset dispute of the Huo Family is imminent. Even blood brothers will fall out, not to mention brothers from different mothers. Huo Siqian is an adopted son, so if he inherits the Huo Corporation, naturally, Huo Zhenghai will be displeased. Though Huo Siyi is his birth son, he's too useless. As for me, I think these things are just karma. There's no way I will let him use me to save his mistress. I am not that kind of a person."

Qin Chu nodded, agreeing with what Huo Mian said.

"Indeed, the Huo Corporation's money isn't that incentivizing. But if it pleases you, I can forcefully purchase the Huo Corporation anytime," Qin Chu casually said.

Huo Mian shook her head, "No, I have no interest in the Huo Corporation."

The two conversed while eating, and Huo Mian cleaned up afterward. However, as she was about to head upstairs, she noticed that Qin Chu's face was pale and weak-looking.

"What happened? You look terrible," worried, she asked.





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