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Season 2

Episode 51

(A Bite in Return)

"Don't worry too much for now. I've reported this matter to the director, but he's out of town at a conference at the moment and will be back in three days. I've told the patient that the person in charge will be back in three days, and we'll have to wait for him to come back since we can't make a decision like this anyways."

"Head Nurse, I'm sorry, I made everyone suffer with me."

Huo Mian felt responsible. Her decision caused great trouble for the OB/GYN department and the hospital, and she felt really bad.

"Don't say that. You wanted to save the patient, which I can understand. Don't worry, if nothing is wrong with the patient, then it doesn't matter how big of a scene her family causes. You may not be a doctor, but you performed the surgery perfectly. At worst, you would be blamed for overstepping, it's not illegal like murdering someone, so stop worrying."

"I'm not worried, I just feel bad."

"If you really feel bad, then pick yourself up. We need to resist the patient's unreasonable family," the head nurse scolded.

"I will, I won't run away."


"Head Nurse, I want to see the patient and talk to her," Then, Huo Mian slowly opened her mouth.

"Yeah, that sounds good, you should talk to her. As long as she realizes what she's doing is wrong and agrees to stop, it should make things much easier. At worst, we won't charge her for hospitalization or surgical fees. I just hope that we can nip it in the bud since if the media finds out, it won't be good for the hospital's image."

"I understand."

Huo Mian's heart felt heavy…

Although she had anticipated what might happen, she was still sad that things had to come to this.

She was just trying to save the patient, but the patient ended up biting back. It was like that story of the farmer and the snake. The farmer saved the snake, but the snake bit the farmer in return.

Huo Mian didn't understand; the mother knew that Huo Mian had saved her and her child, and it was okay if she didn't express any gratitude towards her.

But, why would she team up with her family to coerce her and the hospital?

What is really that hard to be a good person these days?

"Mian, what did I say? It's hard to be a good person, right?" Huang Yue looked depressed as well.

"Either way, we saved the patient and her daughter. I don't regret doing that. The value of life cannot be calculated, and I am willing to face the music. Yue, leave it to me, you were just assisting me that night, and I don't want you to get mixed up in this mess."

"I'm not afraid, Mian. I may not be talented and may only be an intern nurse, but if worse comes to worst, I'll just quit. I will stand by your side and help you reach justice."

"I know, but I don't want to burden you. I'm going to go see the patient, so you should go back to the lab, someone needs to be there."

After parting with Huang Yue, Huo Mian went directly to the room the patient was in.

Due to the patient's special circumstances, the hospital arranged a nice, private single room for her to stay in. After knocking on the door, Huo Mian walked in.

The patient was playing with her baby, who was laying in the crib. Her eyes were filled with motherly love.

However, as soon as she saw Huo Mian, her smile immediately disappeared, and her expression became rather complicated.

"Hi, I was the one who performed the C-section on you. My name is Huo Mian, can we talk?"

"I… I don't have anything to say to you," The patient turned her head, unwilling to look into Huo Mian's eyes. Obviously, she felt guilty.

Huo Mian smiled but remained silent. She gently walked up to the baby's crib.

She looked at the baby girl inside, "She's really cute. She looks just like you."

The patient bit her lip; she seemed to know what Huo Mian wanted.

"You didn't want your brothers to come and wreak havoc at the hospital, right? Your husband told you to do it, didn't he?"

"How…did you know?" Flabbergasted, the patient looked up at Huo Mian.





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