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Season 2

Episode 50


"You stupid woman, watch your tone. We're not extorting you, we're asking for reasonable compensation. This is considered a medical malpractice, do you know that? It's not only your responsibility but also the hospital. We've already consulted with a lawyer."

"Ha, I wonder who led the way for you." With one look, Huo Mian could tell that the men in front of her were not well educated and probably didn't know much about the situation. The patient and her child were recovering well, but they're suddenly here, causing a scene. Someone must have given them the idea.

As expected, as soon as Huo Mian asked, the expression of the leader of the group, the so-called brother of the patient, changed.

"What do you mean by 'led the way'? It's not like that at all. My sister is not feeling well, and I wanted to talk to her surgeon about it, but none of the many doctors in the OB/GYN department admitted to performing the surgery. Finally, they told me that it was a woman named Huo Mian who performed the surgery, but we asked around, and there isn't a doctor named Huo Mian in their department! You're just an intern nurse, how dare you operate on my sister! You goddamn woman, I will kill you today!"

Then, the man with the gold chains charged at her and raised his hand, ready to slap the life out of Huo Mian.

However, before he could, Huo Mian tightly grabbed his wrist.

Her sudden surge of power was so strong that it hurt the man's arm.

"This is a hospital, it's no place for violence. I will help you understand the truth, but if you're saying that the patient's not feeling well, then we need proof as well. If you attack me before knowing the entire truth, I have the right to call the police."

"Call the police? That's good, go head, then they will be able to arrest you, you evil woman."

"Come on, stop being so unreasonable. If it weren't for Mian, your sister wouldn't have survived to see her daughter. Who's the evil person here?" Huang Yue was so furious that her face turned purple.

"Yue, don't talk anymore." Huo Mian stopped Huang Yue; she didn't want her to fight with the patient's family.

Just then, the hospital security arrived and dragged the men out of the lab.

"Huo Mian, what happened?" Chief Han walked over.

"Chief, something happened at the OB/GYN department. I think I need to go back and check."

"That's fine, go." Chief Han was easy to talk to and immediately granted Huo Mian's leave.

Huo Mian and Huang Yue headed towards the OB/GYN building. The only question in her mind was: was the patient suffering from side effects?

- OB/GYN building -

Huo Mian was on her way to the patient's room when she saw the head nurse.

"Huo Mian, I was just about to go find you."

"You wanted to talk to me about that pregnant patient, right?"

The head nurse nodded, "Yes, I heard that the patient's family caused quite a scene at the lab."

"Yeah, they kept saying that the patient is experiencing side effects and is too dizzy to be discharged. They wanted the hospital to provide them with an explanation."

The head nurse's expression wasn't good, and she said in all seriousness, "That complicates things. We thought that the patient would be okay and this incident would be buried, but her family found out that she isn't feeling well."

"Did something really happen to the patient?" Huo Mian thought that her operation was successful and the patient should be fine.

The head nurse shook her head. She pulled Huo Mian to the side and whispered, "It's not as easy as it looks. I looked at the patient's vitals too, nothing's wrong with her and she can be discharged. But the patient kept saying that she's dizzy and not feeling well, but we didn't find anything abnormal on the tests we ran. I suspect that this was a planned extortion. Her husband, who disappeared after the surgery, came by last night. I heard that he only stayed for a while, and today, her family is here, causing chaos. I have a feeling that they planned for this to happen."

"I see." Huo Mian nodded, suggesting that she understood.

"Head Nurse, what should we do now?" After all, Huang Yue was still young, and she was a little scared.





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