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Season 1

Episode 87


"How can I possibly befriend a person like that? I would become so depressed," Zhu Lingling said with a hint of disdain.

The attendants of the funeral ceremony marched forward in streaming columns all the way to the North Hill Public Cemetery. Grandma Huo was to be buried in the best feng shui spot available – the peak of the mountain.

Supposedly, a space in this cemetery cost fifty thousand yuan per square meter.

It was terribly expensive, but the Huo family purchased two thousand square meters in one go – forging their very own, exclusive, mausoleum.

On the side, Huo Mian stood silently with her sunglasses on.

Suddenly, Huo Siyi walked up to her and said, "What are you looking at? Are you envious? This is the mausoleum that dad bought exclusively for the Huo family. Don't even think about being buried here, a bastard daughter like you would never be qualified."

"A place like this is better suited for you and your family, I don't belong here," Huo Mian said without glancing at Huo Siyi.

"That's a given," Huo Siyi said arrogantly.

"Well, best wishes to you being buried here soon," Huo Mian added.

"What did you say?? You stupid girl!" Huo Siyi raised his hand angrily at Huo Mian, seemingly wanting to hit her.

"Mr. Huo, don't be so impulsive. The media is here waiting for scenes like this to increase viewership. But hey, if you want to be on the frontline news, go ahead and hit me. I will be sure to cooperate," Huo Mian lowered her voice and reminded him.

Huo Siyi dropped his arm by his side and looked around to ensure he didn't attract any unwanted media attention. "You better watch yourself..." he said resentfully before leaving.

Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan are strikingly similar. They were both born from mistresses, and they had both been spoiled rotten.

Now that Huo Siyi was all grown up, the inheritance battle between him and Huo Siqian had become increasingly more intense. Thanks to his father's spoiling love and his mother's help, his pride has grown enough for him to start acting like the owner of the Huo family.

However, Huo Mian thought, a brainless idiot like Huo Siyi would be knocked out in seconds if Huo Siqian really wanted to deal with him.

The only reason why Huo Siqian hadn't made a move is merely due to that celebrity mom of Huo Siyi's that was difficult to deal with.

But then again, she wasn't at all interested in the Huo family's fight for inheritance.

None of this had anything to do with her, regardless of the result.

After the burial, all the vehicles started to make way back to the Huo mansion. Apparently, to show a token of appreciation to those who have shown condolences, Huo Zhenghai prepared a feast for sixty or so tables at a five-star hotel.

Huo Mian had already done what was required of her, so she surely wouldn't be going. Now that Grandma Huo had been buried, it was time for her to leave.

After both the media and the Huo family left, she began making way down to the entrance of the cemetery.

Rain began to pour as Huo Mian reached the entrance. While she was torn between running to the bus stop or the convenience store within the cemetery to buy an umbrella, A black 62S Maybach slowly pulled up beside her.

Supposedly, this car was worth more than 11 million yuan, straight out of Germany with the best configuration and parts. A lot of mainland millionaires were fighting to place an order, but due to the limited amount of quantities allowed for Asia, only six of this model were imported into China.

It was frontline news at the time, and a lot of nurses in the OB/GYN department were talking about it.

Thus upon seeing this car, Huo Mian took a second glance at it.

But wait… why does the person getting out of the car look so familiar?

Qin Chu wore a tailor-made black suit with a tender white flower pinned to his breast pocket.

He walked out of the Maybach, slowly propped open a black umbrella and walked towards Huo Mian.

"Why…?" Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu's outfit, not knowing what to say. She figured that he dressed like this out of respect for Grandma Huo.

"Were you planning to run through the rain if I didn't come and get you?" Qin Chu asked Huo Mian.

"Well, you are here, aren't you?" Huo Mian said slowly.

"C'mon, Get into the car," said Qin Chu as he took out a white handkerchief and wiped away some of the raindrops on Huo Mian's forehead.

Huo Mian sat in the Maybach made for royalty and looked at this amazingly handsome man who was now her driver.

In a moment of bewilderment, she thought, it was not Huo Yanyan who had saved the universe in the last life. It was in fact, herself.

"Qin Chu, um… your car… isn't it a little too flamboyant?" Huo Mian asked, unable to hold back any longer.

The very first Maybach with Royal Class level configuration in C City! It will surely attract loads of attention when they drive around the city. Huo Mian couldn't help but wonder if this was really a good idea…





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