Sunday, 31 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 40

👑 Kayden Strucker 👑

I groaned as i flushed my eyes open. I guess it's morning already.

Everywhere was shining bright.

Raye was not in bed. I could hear the water running I guess she's in the shower.

Strangely enough I feel sick and I don't really get why.

I rolled over and tried to do some push ups but I couldn't.

My hands were weak I grunt and stayed on the ground.

The bathroom door pulled open and Raye came out in her bathrobe her was dripping wet.

" Are you alright Kay?" She asked as she rushed towards me.

" I don't really know." I Mumbled as I managed to get back on bed.

" Omg you're burning hot. " She panicked the moment she felt my temperature.

I feel hot inside gush I hate being sick.

" Don't worry about me I'll be fine." I assured but deep down I wasn't okay at all.

" No kayden you're not okay . You need to see a doctor." She said with concern.

She rushed into the bathroom and came back with a bowl of water and a short towel.

She soaked it in the water and placed it on my forehead.

I felt little bit relief but I was still not okay.

" You need to get to the hospital." She said sadly.

" Don't . I'll be fine okay? " I Smiled weakly.

" Please stop saying that. Atleast let me get you a doctor." She held my hand.

" No just get me lornat DCs 345." I managed to say.

I was slowly feeling dizzy.

" Okay I'll be right back hang in there. " She said and rushed into the closet.

I closed my eyes tiredly.

💚 Raye Montez 💜

Am really worried right now. I hope he's alright.

I got the medicines he had mentioned and raced back to the room.

His eyes were closed but he was trembling.

Oh my goodness he's cold. I reduced the temperature of the air conditioner and got a glass of water.

" Am here Kay open your eyes." I said as I made him rest his head on my thighs.

" You got it?" He murmured I could barely hear him.

" Yes please open up." I said and shoved a tablet into his mouth.

I gave him water to support it.

" Thank you." He said faintly.

His eyes were still closed.  I was seriously getting scared.

" Don't thank me just be fine if not for anything do it for me. " I blurted out as I covered his properly with the duvet.

I wanted to excuse him but he held me by the wrist stopping me from going anywhere.

" Please stay " he mumbled.

I nodded and sat down beside him and watched over him like a hawk.

Soon he was fast asleep I planted a kiss on his forehead and watched him carefully.




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