Sunday, 31 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 39

I lifted her up and she let go of the mug which broke into tiny pieces but right now we don't really care about that.

I placed her on the bed not breaking the kiss as we kissed passionately. 

She encircled her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist..

I trailed kissses around her face down to her neckline..

She gave me Access as I pressed kisses all over it.

I moved my lips further to her cleavage as I teased her there.

She fondle with my wet hair in sexy manner.

I don't think I can hold back any longer.

I attacked her lips again as our tongues fought for dominance.

My hand found it way to the bathrobe.

I pulled the robe open .

Damn she has the firmest tits ever.

She brought my lips back to hers again as she took over.

I took one of her tits into my mouth sucking em and smooching them at the same time..

She moan sweetly as her hands found it way to my shorts but I stopped her.

I moved my face to her V it neatly shaved looking so perfect.

I tease her clit with my tongue. She shuttered into my touch..

I groan softly as I felt my hardness.

I sucked her down there perfectly before kicking off my shorts.

I placed her legs on my shoulder and slowly slide in my beast .

She closed her eyes tightly and held on to my arm preventing me from going too further.

I thrust into her tenderly not to hurt her.

Her moans were like music to my ears.

This wasn't sex but love making.

Our body merged our soul re united. We became boubded.

Her fingers dug deep into my flesh as I began to bleed.

But I careless about it.

I reached climax and emptied my cum into her.

I collapse on the bed breathing heavily

She was not staring at me I guess she's shy.

One thing for sure I don't regret this.

" Hey look at me." I turned her over only to meet with a teary face.

" Please don't cry. Am sorry okay ? Am gonna fix this." I assured her and pulled her into my warmth.

She stayed that way till she fell asleep.

I watched her sleep as I stroke her hair tenderly.

Admit it Kay you're inlove with her my subconscious mind told me.

Am I really in love with her?

What if she doesn't feel the same way or this is just a one night stand to her.

My head was bubbling with questions that left me confused.

On one hand is my love for Raye on the other hand is me being scared that she might reject me.

I watched her sleep peacefully even in sleep she looks so breathtaking.

I brought out my phone and stole a pic of her.

I'll definitely treasure it forever.



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