Saturday, 30 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 38

❌ kayden Strucker ❌

I remembered everything that happened while we were playing truth or dare I just hope she doesn't remember.

I was so tempted to kiss her ears while packing her hair and I did stylishly.

Her cheeks went red immediately.

" You should get some sleep so the pain can wears off before Morning. " I said coming outta the closet .

This time I was clad in shorts and she was in her nighties , never thought  I would say this but she's really beautiful.

" What about you? Ain't you going to bed." She asked as she slipped into bed.

" Not yet am gonna watch you sleep. " I Smirked playfully.

She smiled and looked away.

" Good night Kay. " She mumbled and closed her eyes.

" Good night buttercup." I murmured as I laid beside her staring at her slightly parted lips. 

I tucked a strand of her hair behind.

Was so tempted to kiss her small pinkish lips.

I moved my face closer about to kiss her when she opened her eyes and pretend like i was looking for something. 

She closed her eyes back and murmured something to herself.

I gave her a peek on the forehead before covering her properly with the duvet.

I lay down and covered myself before going to sleep.


I rolled outta bed as the morning sun shone through the window.

I did few push ups before heading towards the expresso coffee machine.

Raye was still sleeping peacefully. Today is Saturday she won't be working.

I made a cup of coffee and drank Abit. Breakfast had already been brought to the room by room service.

It was pancakes and french toast.

I walked quietly to Raye and whisper into her ear.

" Wakey wakey sleepy head it's morning already." I whisper as my hot breath fanned her neck.

She moan soft and rolled over.

" Go away I wanna sleep some more." I pouts childishly.

Had to tickle her to get her outta bed.

" God just when I was enjoying the sleep. Hope you're happy now. " She rolled her eyes dramatically.

" Good morning to you too." I Smirked and handed her a cup of caffeine.

" Is this how you always disturb your girlfriend's sleep? " She whinned.

" Oops I don't have a girlfriend so I don't really know what you're talking about. " I used a finger to play with a strand of her hair.

She held on to the cup tightly as my face was so close to hers.

The more I tried to resist her lips the more I wanted to taste it .

I placed my forehead on hers and sneaked my arm around her tiny waist before crashing my lips on hers.

She didn't show any signs of withdrawal instead she gave me access as we kissed passionately.




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