Saturday, 30 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 37

💐 Raye Montez 💐

"Argh!" I grunts and tried to stand up but I couldn't I ended falling back to the ground.

What the hell happened last night plus my head hurts pretty much.

I can't believe we had this much to drink.

I managed to get to my cellphone it was four in the morning.

I shook Kayden who was laying on the floor.

He groaned softly and flushed his eyes open.

"Ouch!" He held his head he was also having a hang over.

" I can't believe we drank this much." I Mumbled scratching my head.

". Damn my head hurts so much , are you okay? " He asked.

" I think I'll be fine. You look terrible. " I made a funny face.

" You're no exemption. " He rolled his eyes.

" Whatever I need to freshen up. " I muttered and managed to get my *ss into the bathroom.

I tried to think about what happened last night but my head hurts pretty bad I can't think straight..

I only remember us playing truth or dare which was kinda fun but I really don't remember what later happened.


I came outta the bathroom with my hair dripping wet, I'm so tired to tie a towel around my hair am just gonna make use of the hand dryer.

I was clad in a bathrobe. I went over to the dressing mirror while Kayden walked towards the bathroom too.

I don't really remember the last time I'd this much to drink.

Gush my head still hurts  , a cup of coffee will do. 

Thank goodness there's an expresso machine in the hotel room.

I dropped the hand dryer and walked towards the machine.

I made coffee for both of us and gulp down mine.

He came out shortly with a towel around his waist.

For the first time am seeing his bare chest dammn  he's smoking hot.

" Don't stare too much you don't wanna get drown." He said in a husky voice.

Snap outta it Raye. He's too perfect for you.

My subconscious mind told me.

" Erm... I.... I.. I made coffee." I stammered foolishly.

Gosh pull yourself together Raye.

" Thanks. " He said and collected the coffee from me.

Went back to trying to dry my hair but my hand hurts pretty much I can't hold the dryer properly.

" Here let me do that." I heard his voice from behind , he collected the dryer from me and turned it on.

He did it like a pro using his fingers to fondle with my hair it sent cold chills down my body.

I closed my eyes enjoying with his fingers did to my body damn this guy is so good.

He successfully dried up my hair and also packed it in a messy bun.

" Thank you." I Mumbled.

" There you go." He whispered into my ear I could swear his lips touched my ears.



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