Friday, 29 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 36

🚫 Kayden Strucker 🚫

After having dinner we sat down on the floor with the tequila in the middle.

" Okay you go first true or dare." She asked.

" True." I Smirked.

" Are you in a relationship?" She asked.

" No no ofcourse not. Your turn. True or dare. " I rubbed my Palm together.

" Dare. "

" I dare you to give Steve Lee a call and tell him to kiss your *ss. " I grinned evilly.

" Nope I'll just drink three shots. " She said and gulp down the shots.

" My turn truth or dare. " She giggled..

" Dare. " I rolled my eyes.

" I dare you to dance in front of me without music." She winked at me.

" Bloody hell. Don't worry I'll do it. " I stood up and started hmm cardi b song la Modelo and started doing some funny girls dance .

Raye was seriously dying with laughter.

" It's okay now it's my turn." I said trying to catch my breath..

" True or dare. " .

" True. " She answered.

" Why do you feel the need to change?" I asked ..

She went mute for a sec before saying anything..

" Because you showed me what it feels like to be a person with a good heart ." She said in a serious tone.

" Hmmm now am flattered. " I teased her..

"My turn... True or dare." She grinned from ear to ear.

" Dare. " I rubbed my temple.

I know Raye she's probably planning to give me something hard.

"Dare you to strip naked infront of me." She Smirked evilly.

" Hell no I'm not doing that. " I took four shots as punishment.

Damn it hits the soul.

" Now we're even. " She giggled 

"My turn truth or dare." I did my victory dance.

" Dare." She wiggled her brows.

" I dare you to go over to the receptionist and tell everyone you're mentally ill." I wiggled my own brows too.

" Shit I can't do that. It'll probably go viral."She shook her head and drank five shots.

She squeezed her face in a funny face.

" My turn. True or dare ?" She furrowed her brows.

"True." I Mumbled.

" Are you in love with anyone?" She asked.

"I don't know yet but I think am developing feelings for someone." I found myself saying it.

Her face turned sour but she was quick to change it.

" Truth or Dare?' I asked.

" Dare." She said.

" Looks like you don't really wanna say the truth right? I dare you to twerk for me."I grinned as I watched her ..

She Chuckled and stood up, she moved towards me and started twerking infront of me..

Damn she's got some moves.

" Wow that's awesome." I hiccuped.

Looks like I was slowly getting drunk.

"True or dare?" She asked.

" Dare." I rubbed my temple.

" I dare you to kiss me." She said with a expressionless face.

She was already serving my shots when I stopped her.

I pulled her closer and crashed my lips on hers.




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