Friday, 29 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 35

🚫 Kayden Strucker 🚫

After having lunch at Tiffany's we came back to the hotel room.

" Thanks so much for today I had fun." She said hapily as we walked into the hotel room.

" It's nothing serious. Atleast you picked interest in something." I smiled and walked towards the dispenser.

" I don't really know what to say but I'm really enjoying this new changes in me. " She said walking towards the closet.

I must admit I had fun with her today praying it doesn't end.

He came outta the closet with a towel around her chest. She walked into the bathroom and soon I heard the waters running.

I walked towards the bed and slumped on it. My mind drifted to mom , had plans on calling her today.

I brought out my phone and dialed her line.

She picked up on the second ring.

📞 Hey baby I was just about to give you a call before yours came in. " She said from the other side.

📞 Hmm I guess you must be missing me so much. " I chuckled softly.

📞 Ofcourse I miss you your big head. How are you doing over there baby? " She asked .

📞Am fine mom. How are you coping without your crazy son over there. " I Smirked playfully.

📞 Well am fine and I do hope you come back soon. " She said with her voice so filled with life .

📞 Alright mom bye." I said and and ended the call..

" Wow I never knew you were a mom's boy " Raye said coming outta the bathroom.

" She's the most important part of my life. Practically I don't know where I would have been if her love wasn't there. " I muttered dryly..

" Omg this is so touching. Why don't you go take your shower. When you're done we gonna play a game. " She said with a smile and dried her hair .

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom.


Soon I was done bathing, I came out shortly in a bathrobe. Had to go change into something comfortable.

" So what game do you think we can possibly play." I asked as I walked towards where she sat down..

" How about we play truth or dare. " She clapped her hands happily.

The door bell rang and she quickly went over and got it.

It was room service and they brought lunch and two bottles of tequila.

Woa looks like she means business.

" Let's have lunch first then we can play." I suggested because I was kinda starving.

" Alright then." She agreed..

We sat down opposite each other as we ate our lunch in silence.

Am really loving this new found agreement between us.



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