Thursday, 28 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 34

💐Raye Montez 💐

Once again Kayden came to my rescue.

Just when I'd lost hope on what kinda speech to give , I found out that he had prepared a speech and even sent it to my tab.

After the meeting which ended well all thanks to Kayden I got a solid partnership with Gwen Corp. Twin company of Steve Lee.

Let's just say it's owned by two partners.

The press were all over the place taking pictures of us.

I really wish Kayden was here with me.


How I escaped the press was something else.

I got to the parking lot Kayden stood there chewing gum.  I guess he's bored.

"Hey." I called out.

" What's up done so soon." He asked.

" Yeah so what should be do next? " I asked because I don't really feel like going back to the hotel just yet..

"How about we go to Tiffany's it's just few blocks away. Back when I lived at seettle I would literally kill for their sandwich. "He chuckled softly.

" Yay! Tiffany's it is then. " I scrawled into the car.


" Welcome to Tiffany's your happiness is served."  The waitress said.

" Thank you. Ladies first." He did the sneaky look..

I glared playfully at him.

" Erm I heard from a reliable source that they make the best egg sandwich here . Would like to have a taste." I  giggled happily.

Kayden was just watching my every move..

" And what about you handsome." The waitress said in a flirty manner.

Wait she's tryna flirt with Kayden .

" I'll have anything she also wants." He winked at me making the waitress jealous..

" Get on with it b*tch! ' I said in between clenched teeth as I stepped on her leg with my heels.

" Ouch " she hissed in pain and walked away shamefully.

" You know I saw what you did with the waitress." Kayden. Burst into laughter.

" I wonder why loose b*tches are the ones hired as waitresses. "  I rolled my eyes.

" Don't blame me for being too handsome. " He said proudly.

Is this nigga for real?

" You ? Cute ? Ttch ! What a joke." I said nonchalantly..

Our orders arrived and I quickly Dug into my sandwich omg OMG this is the best sandwich have tasted so far..

" Hmm .. yummy , God the taste is fantastic." I moaned softly as I Munch on the sandwich.

" See I  told you they serve the best sandwich here." He smirked playfully .

" Indeed my happiness is Served. No more hotel junks henceforth my breakfast should only come from Tiffany's am so inlove with the food here. "I Blurted out.

" Looks like we just got ourselves another sandwich addict.. " he grinned.

' excuse me can I get one more egg sandwich. " She called out to a waiter.

" Slow down peacock or you wanna look outta shape right? " He raised his eyebrows.

" Hell no I'm just in love with their sandwich."I said with a mouthful..

" Food monger . ". He said underneath his breath.

" Hey I heard that! " I groan softly.




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