Thursday, 28 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 33

🌟 Kayden Strucker 🌟

I watched as she slept silently. Her eyes had dark circles around them.

I moved my face closer to hers and tuck a strand of her hair behind. 

I admit I was Abit harsh at her. I really don't want to be the reason for her tears.

Now I'm determined to help her change her ways am gonna do it before we leave seettle.

She has a speech tomorrow at the conference and with the situation on ground I doubt if she's able to compose a speech.

I picked up her system and set to work.

Was able to compose a nice speech for her before going to bed.


It was a pleasant morning and was all dressed up for miss PP conference meeting.

I don't get why she's taking her time to get ready.

Am sure she wants to add those clay ladies do apply to the face.

"How do I look?" She asked as she stepped outta the closet.

WTF 😳 this  peacock is looking extraordinary gorgeous.

"Erm.. you look like a joker." I Smirked playfully.

Her face turned into a sad one ..

" Oh but I thought it was okay." She said sadly.

" Who are you kidding you look beautiful okay? " I said with a smile.

Her face lit up with excitement.

" Thank you. " She said shyly.

Who would have thought the peacock would ever get shy.

"Shall we?" I opened the door for her as she walked outta the hotel room.

I locked the door behind us before walking side by side with her.

Folks around kept staring at us. I wonder why.

It's not as if we're from outta space or the moon.

I gave the keys to the receptionist who was busy smiling sheepishly like she has won a lottery.

Turns out all of seettle is filled up with dramatic people.

I opened the door for her  but she refused to get into the back seat instead she wanted to ride in the front with me.

Who am I to say no?

I opened the door for her and are got I i did the same too.

Brought the engine to life and drove off towards Steve Lee .


I pulled up at the parking lot of steve Lee empire.

She stepped  outta the car and I did too.

The press will be swimming here soon.

"Would really love you to come in with me." She said Calmly.

" No it's fine am cool here, have some fishes to catch." I Smirked.

She nodded before walking towards the entrance door.

I watched as she catwalked into the building.

I can see she's really trying to change simply because I said so.

I watched how she replied to all the greetings from the securities.

The pp I know would never return greetings from security guards.

Mom was right after all. People can change if they're willing to.

Just have to put more effort into it . 

But I must admit she's beautiful with a small reddish lips..

Just like snow white.. oh great just great master Kayden is complimenting miss arrogant. Is God not wonderful?



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