Saturday, 23 May 2020



💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 23

🚫 Kayden Strucker 🚫

Day four of working with that annoying peacock.

I stood by the car as I played with my phone.

Thank goodness Kim didn't come over to disturb me.

I don't get why she's always disturbing me. She's a crazy girl and I like her for that unlike some other people.

" Hey you we're going out." Miss Said as she walked towards me.

When is gonna be nice.

She's always mean and bossy.

"A good morning would be nice." I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" I rather kiss the butt of a mad man than say hello to you." She spat.

Such a b*tch. I entered the driver side and ignited the engine.

Today am not in the mood to battle words with her yet.

" Yeah you should totally do that." I Smirked.

She Huff loud and looked away.

Stupid girl.

I drove outta the mansion and hits the road.

"Bristol cove , Bayview street." She said not looking at me.

Finally she has a actual location today.

I drove straight to Bayview street which wasn't that far from beacon Hills.

"Stop the car ." She said when we got to a restaurant.

I pulled over and watch what she was gonna do next.

There was a ugly guy standing just outside the restaurant.

An sure am way cuter than him. He's ugly looking like my *ss.

They hugged and kissed. Yuck !!! Disgusting.

After kissing like cows they walked towards the car and both got in.

" Delmonico hotel." She said.

I started the car and drove off to Delmonico.

They started smooching and romancing in the car.

She's a crazy b*tch.

I kept looking at them through the rare view.

They should at least wait till they get to the hotel.

This is so disgusting.

They kept kissing like mad cows and I was getting irritated.

I stepped on the brakes aggressively.

They almost bashed their heads.

"Hey what's your problem?do you wanna get us killed?" She yelled at me.

", Kindly be patient and wait for two minutes we'll be at the hotel soon stop acting like cows." I glared.

" Hey dude you better watch your mouth. Do you know who you talking to?" The ugly Cameron said.

Don't blame me tho I've an habit of giving nicknames.

" Shut up nigga I wasn't asking for your stupid opinion." I said not feeling scared of him.

" How dare you talk to my boyfriend in that manner?" The peacock growled angrily.

" FYI he's not yet your boyfriend. He's a fairly used goods." I savaged.

"Wait! You brought me here to get insulted by your useless driver right?" The dude said as he was getting really upset.

"No no that's not true he's all mom's idea." She explained.

"Oh my gosh king octopus is this is epic." I savaged.

"You know what Raye am outta here. Thank you so much for bringing me here only to get insulted." He said Angrily and got outta the car.

Good riddance.

Miss arrogant was already boiling with anger ,. She could eat me up if she had the chance.

"Argh!! How dare you imbecile !!, you animal!!, God I hate you so much I feel like killing you." She roared Angrily.

Gosh this is so fun, I really enjoyed making fun of her.

"Trust me the feeling is mutual." I Smirked before starting the car.

I drove off with her trying to chop my head off.

I drove her to  straight to her company.

She got outta the car Angrily and walked towards the entrance of the building.

She thinks she's the only crazy person around.



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