Thursday, 21 May 2020



🎀{ Miss arrogant} 🎀


💙 Raye Montez 💚

📲"You don't understand mom this guy is a freak." I cursed underneath.

📲 Relax baby I know you're mad at him but just try to relax besides Kim told me he was okay. " Mom said getting me more infuriated.

📲Gosh mom I want you to fire him. Am so sick and tired of seeing his face around. " Igroan softly..

📲Learn to be able to tolerate anyone.bye shugah." Mom said and ended the car..

Like seriously?? Even mom is being supportive of him.

God I hate my life.

I can't even think straight as pictures of his ugly face kept popping up in my mind.

It's time for some fun.

I stood up from my desk and Walk outta my office.

He's probably at the downfloor. Why don't I treat him to lunch.

I Walked towards him as he stared at me with a strange face.

" Erm why don't you come with me to the cafeteria." I SMiled fake.

" Thanks I'll pass." He rolled his  eyes.

" Come on I insisted." I said happily.

" Okay if you insisted but you just have to be careful with. He said Calmly.

I Walked behind so the girls can get a successful hit.

Already inform some of the girls working in my company.

I noticed that the girls had the pie ready.

Just immediately a pie was thrown at him but he caught the pie and turned towards me before rubbing it all over my face.

What the heck!!!.



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