Thursday, 21 May 2020



🎀{ Miss arrogant} 🎀


🚫 Kayden Strucker 🚫

Another day to drive that stupid girl around town.

I had arrived at her mansion but I stayed besides the car.

She should be out any moment. 

" Good morning prince charming." Kimberly beamed hapily as she ran towards me.

" Hey Kim what's up? Going out?" I asked.

She was all dressed up so I assumed she was going out.

" Yeah I was hoping you'd take me to the mall pleaseee." She said cutely.

" Okay princess am at your service." I said and helped her into the car before taking the wheels.


I drove Back into the mansion tiredly.

Kim had gone shopping spree.

What's with girls with shopping? She has like twenty four bags of clothings and jewelries too.

I called one of the servants who came for all the shopping bags.

"Thank you so much Kayden you don't know how happy I'm right now." She squeak excitedly and hugged me.

" And what's going on here if I may ask why are you over this pauper Kimberly?" The peacock growled angrily.

" Gosh you're no fun sis loosen up Abit it won't kill you. " Kim said making me laugh.

" Whatever get the car ready am leaving in five." She glare at me and I glared harder.

Game on. Let's see how long she's gonna act like the queen for long.

I helped Kimberly with few things before taking the wheels.

Just in time miss arrogant stepped into the car.

"Drive." She said in an authoritative tone.

" You don't tell me what to do peacock just see it as a favor from me." I Smirked.

" I don't take favors from lowlifes like yourself. "She said proudly.

" Oh well maybe I should probably dump you on the street like the last time am sure your fans are gonna be happy to see you. " I said with a shrug.

She kept quiet immediately.

" Now that's better enough." I chuckled softly as I drove outta the house.



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