Monday, 18 May 2020



🎀{ Miss arrogant} 🎀


💐 Raye Montez 💐

There's no such thing as SBS studio. I made that up just to get back at him.

He drove around the city for while confused on where to go.

"Ain't we there yet?" He asked obviously getting tired of driving in circles.

"I don't really remember the road that much it should be up this lane. " I said giving him fake direction.

He drove towards the direction and ended up around Davistown.

" How am I sure there's such place as SBS studio. This is my first time hearing this. " He complained.

"Keep  driving you'll get there soon ." I gave him fake hopes.

He continued driving around the city for hours endlessly.

He stepped on the brake aggressively causing me to my head hard on the glass.

"What did you do that for!?" I growled.

" Get outta the car now!" He said in between clenched teeth.

" Excuse me!!! Are you insane? " I asked getting infuriated.

He got outta the car and opened the door angrily.

He dragged outta the car causing me to fall hard on my butt. 

"This is SBS studio." He barked at me and entered the car.

He drove off leaving me on the street.



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