Monday, 18 May 2020



🎀{ Miss arrogant} 🎀


🚫 Kayden Strucker 🚫

"Don't get upset about it dear she'll definitely come around." Her mom assured me.

" That's the past tense of impossible. " I said sarcastically.

She Chuckled softly.

" If you say so why you're at it kindly drop me off at the airport am running late might miss my flight. " She said nicely.

Am only gonna accept this job because of her  but that doesn't mean am gonna be submissive to that proud peacock.

I nodded and opened the door for her .

She got in and drove outta the compound.

I wonder how a nice  looking lady like Mrs Montez could have a child like Raye.

Maybe she must have offended someone in her previous life to be given such a child.


"Where the heck have you been?" That proud peacock half yelled.

" Hey it would be nice if you lower your voice. " I said in between clenched teeth.

" You don't get to talk back at me. Quickly get me outta here am running late. " She said rudely.

" Look Missy you don't get to boss me around you'd better be polite. " I said and entered the driver side.

She Huff loud and entered the car. 

"Sbs studio." She muttered dryly.

"I don't know any studio with that name." I glared through the rare view.

" You have a navigation system so why are you complaining. " She cured underneath.

" Whatever. " I Mumbled and drove outta the house.

Looks like it's gonna be a very long day with me and this peacock on each other's neck.



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