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😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Love from afar }

Episode 47

💝 Shantel Kings 🎀

I pouts childishly and opened my eyes sluggishly.
Gosh what a night. I rolled all over the bed but turns out I was all alone.

Brian is outta bed.  Last night events came running..

I smiled to myself and cuddle up in bed.

Brian walked in shortly with a tray of food in his hand. I quickly closed my eyes.

He dropped the tray on the bedside table and sat down beside me.

He brought his face closer and peeked my forehead.

"Wake up sleepy head." He whispered into my ear.

I groaned softly and flushed my eyes open.

"Good morning buttercup." He smiled.

"Good morning." I mumbled as I used the back of my palm to clean my eyes.

"How was your night dear i made breakfast." He said helped me up.

Hmm breakfast in bed gosh he's so romantic.

"Thanks." I muttered.

He brought the tray closer and picked up the cutlery. It was egg sandwich and lemon tea.

He fed me quietly. But he's not eating. I placed a large quantity of sandwich in my mouth and kissed him with it.

He received the sandwich as we kissed slowly. He brought the kiss with a smirk plastered on his face.

"I wish I'll always wake up every morning to see you by my side." He muttered as he stare at me with so much love and affection.

" Me too. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." I confessed shyly.

" Am gonna make you happy in any way I can promise we gonna get through this together." He assured me. I felt safe in his arms.

" Come it's time to shower."he announced and took me outta the bed and carried me in bridal style to the bathroom.

He mixed a bath for me and dropped me in the bathtub.

He wanted to go away but I held him by the wrist.

",Let's shower together." I mumbled.

He smiled out Dimple as he pulled off his shorts and joined me in the jacuzzi.

I placed my hands around him as he ran his fingers through my body sending electric wave around my body.

" I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold." He mumbled.

I smiled shyly as I cling to him.

" You keep smiling like that and everyone is gonna wonder what you did last night.." he chuckled softly as he scoop me up in his arms.

" You're so dirty minded. " I hit him playfully...

" Your lips are like wine & I wanna get drunk." He said with seriousness as he ran his fingers through my lips and claim it in his.



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