Sunday, 3 May 2020


😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Love from afar }

Episode 44

💐 Shantel Kings 💐

My day went smoothly for I was super happy.

Turns out Alex was sacked from the company.  Well that serves him right.

I was time to go home and I hapily packed my stuff ready to go when Brian walked into my office with a smile.

"Hey buttercup ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah what about you?" I asked as I picked up my PC and handbag.

" ready when you're." He said and held the door for me.

We walked hand and in hand as all the employees kept staring at us.

He led me to his car and drove outta the premises.

"Baby?" He called as he focused on his driving.

"Yes dear." I answered.

"It's been awhile since I ate one of your home made dishes. ", He pouted like a child..

" You should have said that earlier now you'll have to take a U turn to your house." I pinched his nose.

" Ouch ! That Hurts." He whined.

🚫 Brian Sanchez 🚫

I drove her to my house and held the door for her.

She stepped outta the car and walked into the house with me...

"Erm Brian what about..." 

"Don't mention that name here Shantel." I groaned and cut her off.

"Oh sorry I just thought..."

"It's okay Shantel she's no longer in my house just forget about her. " I said Calmly.

" Okay cool. " She said and dropped her bag and PC on the chair before walking towards the kitchen.

"I'll just go upstairs and freshen up." I said she nodded and walked away.

I jogged upstairs to my room and took off my clothes before stepping into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Am so happy I made my feelings known to her.

Atleast I know she feels the same way.

I took my bathroom and wore something simple before walking downstairs to the kitchen area.

She was so busy cooking she didn't notice someone was staring at her.

I so wish I could see her in my kitchen everyday.




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