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Season 4

Episode 43

(Lu Chuxia Suddenly Had Confidence Out Of Nowhere)

Watching Lin Che run out, the people outside were extremely surprised. They stared at Lin Che as if she was a strange creature.

This lass was too brazen. Gu Jingze held formalities in high regard and she dared to run over to disturb Gu Jingze.

They were really breaking out in cold sweat for her.

However, Gu Jingze seemed unaffected and they shifted their eyes away, feeling even more surprised. It looked like Gu Jingze was rather good to his secret wife.

They actually didn’t have a bad impression of Lin Che. She looked very boisterous now, but she would immediately stop talking and stand behind humbly when the occasion called for it. She was not arrogant and didn’t hinder the business. She carried the title of Mrs. Gu all this while, but she didn’t have a tinge of stubbornness. This comforted people a lot.

Lin Che was just talking when she saw a person say that someone was looking for Gu Jingze.

Lin Che answered and saw that Lu Chuxia was already walking in with a few people.

Lu Chuxia was here…

Seeing Lin Che in here, Lu Chuxia’s eyes deepened.

Gu Jingze actually allowed her to enter such an important place.

She really wondered what trick this foul brat used to make Gu Jingze trust her that much.

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia and noticed a man behind her. He was tall, handsome, and looked very proper. Perhaps because she had seen too much of Gu Jingze, Lin Che didn’t feel anything when she saw such a handsome man. She only looked at him with a little confusion.

She heard Lu Chuxia plainly say to the man, “Brother, you can go in first. I saw someone I know.”

Lin Che then realized that the man was Lu Beichen.

So he was Gu Jingyan’s husband.

Lu Beichen looked at Lin Che and said politely, “You must be Sister-in-law. Hello, I am Lu Beichen.”

“Hello, I’m Lin Che. You can just call me Lin Che.”

“Okay. I’m here to see Jingze. You two can have a chat. I’ll go ahead and find him first.”

“Oh, alright,” Lin Che looked at Lu Beichen and was not surprised that Gu Jingyan would like him. He looked very handsome, he was tall, and he had an excellent disposition.

But his sister was…

Lu Chuxia watched her brother go in before asking Lin Che, “Why are you here?”

Lin Che replied, “Why can’t I be here? As Gu Jingze’s wife, there shouldn’t be a problem if I’m here.”

“Huh, I just feel that a person of your status has never seen anything. Are you sure that you won’t end up spoiling things here?”

Lin Che naturally began to feel uncomfortable. To be insulted like that, she only felt that this person was extremely annoying. It was not because she had some latch on Gu Jingze, but Lin Che really hated her because she was truly annoying and prejudiced.

Lin Che asked, “Miss Lu, what’s the point of bringing me down all the time?”

Lu Chuxia replied, “I’m really curious as to why Gu Jingze would marry a person like you. You’re not compatible with Gu Jingze and you know it yourself. But you’re still staying and hindering Gu Jingze. That’s why I want to bring you down.”

Seeing her speak so directly, Lin Che really didn’t think that such a person could exist on Earth, “Since Gu Jingze married me, it goes to show that I have my merits. Of course, you wouldn’t know about it.”

“Ha, I know you have merits. That face of yours is passable, but he’ll get sick of it sooner or later. So, Lin Che, I advise you to consciously leave Gu Jingze sooner rather than later. Otherwise, when you’re personally chased off by me, that won’t look nice.”

Lin Che really did not know where that confidence of hers came from. That woman believed that Gu Jingze would definitely be hers.

“Try me,” Lin Che said.

Lu Chuxia scoffed and walked ahead in her heels. She turned her head slightly to look at Lin Che, “You saw what happened today. Why do you think that I can come in here? This was the benefit of having a powerful background. No average person could come in here, but I’m not an average person. Gu Jingze and I share the same world, so even if Gu Jingze shuts off the entire world, I can still enter his. You have no idea what Gu Jingze and I went through together. I’ve known him for many years and I understand a lot more than you ever will. That is my advantage. Hmph.”

Then, she looked at Lin Che contemptuously and walked in.

Lu Chuxia knew that this Lin Che was rather difficult to handle. She initially thought that Lin Che played just a small role, but she didn’t expect Lin Che to already have curried favor with the Gu family and even make Gu Xiande so fond of her.

But to Lu Chuxia, the biggest problem was still Mo Huiling who had a similar family background as her. Gu Jingze and Mo Huiling’s relationship was too deep, unlike this poverty-stricken small artist in front of her.

“Open the door,” she stood at the entrance and said to the bouncers.

The bouncers heard their conversation just now. Looking at Lu Chuxia’s proud demeanor, they secretly thought that she was too tyrannical.

Furthermore, she was pretty, but it wasn’t enough to make them like her.

Lin Che normally didn’t let them open and close the door after her. She always opened and closed the door by herself. When they helped her, she even thanked them.

Although Lu Chuxia was C Nation’s top socialite, Lin Che was Mrs. Gu.

The bouncers stood there and did not budge. They only glanced at Lu Chuxia and pretended not to hear her.

Lu Chuxia was stunned. She looked at both of them, “I asked you to open the door. Didn’t you hear me?”

Just then, Lin Che spoke from behind, “Alright, since there are people here, you guys can go keep watch over there. There’s no need to guard this area.”

The bouncers heard Lin Che, immediately straightened up, and replied, “Yes.”

After that, they marched ahead.

Lu Chuxia didn’t expect them to treat herself this way. She angrily grabbed one of them and asked, “What’s the meaning of this? You guys pretended not to hear what I said just now and now you are leaving just with a word from Lin Che? Are you guys intentionally out to embarrass me?”

The bouncer plainly looked ahead and replied coldly, “We only need to listen to Mr. Gu and Madam’s instructions. We don’t take orders from anyone else.”

Lu Chuxia knew that the Gu family’s guards were all like this. They would absolutely not take anyone else’s orders no matter who or how powerful that person was. These highly trained people were almost like mechanical soldiers.

But now, they indeed embarrassed Lu Chuxia this time.

She turned around and stared daggers at Lin Che behind, grunted, and pushed the door open to go in.

Seeing Lu Chuxia this way, the bouncers felt that Lin Che was an even greater person and wished that Gu Jingze would never switch out his wife.

They bowed to Lin Che and left.




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