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Season 4

Episode 40

(What Is That Lu Chuxia Up To?)

They arrived at Shen Youran’s house and she was about to get out of the car when she thought of something. She looked up and asked, “Gu Jingze’s situation looks very dangerous. Will Lin Che be in danger too because she’s with Gu Jingze?”

Chen Yucheng said, “Gu Jingze’s life was always this dangerous. Did you think that the security personnel around him was there for decoration?”

“You’re right. He has so many bodyguards around him.” Previously, Shen Youran had thought that they were merely there for show; why were there so many people at Gu Jingze’s side when no ill had befallen him at all? She had thought that those people were just there to block nosy reporters, media outlets, or everyday people. She did not expect these people to actually be of use today.

Chen Yucheng said, “It’s not the first or second time that Gu Jingze’s life has been in peril anyway. But this time, the incident was more severe than usual and all the media outlets discovered it. That’s because the person who died was M Nation’s special envoy and a bombing even took place that killed so many security personnel on the spot.”

When Shen Youran heard this, she asked perplexedly, “So, Gu Jingze actually even encountered incidents like this one before?”

“Yes. In the past, he was the target of a shooting incident, a car accident, and many other assassination attempts. Of course, none were successful. I remember that one time, it was the Lu family’s darling daughter Lu Chuxia who came forward to save his life. That’s why the Gu family has always taken pretty good care of Lu Chuxia even until now. The Old Master is also fond of her.”

“Lu Chuxia. Ah, I know her. A while ago, they were saying that she had something going on with Gu Jingze. There is seriously no such thing as a good man. Is he planning to repay the favor by being in a relationship with her? If so, why did he marry Lin Che back then?”

“Are you a fool? What relationship does he have with her? It’s obviously just media speculation. Recently, Mo Huiling has become much more well-behaved and has probably given up. Since the media couldn’t photograph them together anymore, they thought that Gu Jingze was in a relationship with someone else. But Lu Chuxia is indeed a very formidable woman. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her reputation as the number one socialite in C Nation for so many years. She’s really good at winning the favor of others.”

“Hmph. I don’t think she’s a match for our Lin Che in terms of appearance either. She still wants to compete with Lin Che even though she’s inferior to our Lin Che in every way.”

“Her family background is better than Lin Che’s. You may not be familiar with the Lu family, but you’re definitely aware of ATL Mall, right? It’s a major location in nearly every city. This mall belongs to the Lu family.”

“…” Shen Youran said angrily, “I’ll never buy anything from that mall ever again!”

“Their family doesn’t need a customer like you either.”

Hearing this, Shen Youran became even more incensed and stuck her tongue out at him. “All crows in this world are equally black, just as all men are equally bad.”

She ran off after she finished speaking…

When Shen Youran entered the house, her younger sister ran up to her and said, “Older Sister, I did some research. Your boss is Chen Yucheng, right?”

“Yes. Why?”

“It’s nothing. Did you know that he’s actually part of the influential family of doctors that left the country during the revolt back in the day? According to rumors, their family is very impressive and very wealthy. The entire family took up permanent residence in Texas. Look, look. There’s news about his family here. It states that his family has a house in Texas that’s like a huge castle.”

Shen Youran looked at Shen Youlan. “Just say exactly what you want to say.”

“Older Sister, if you don’t properly grasp this person, where else will you be able to find such a good man in the future?”

“Hey, you should sober up.” Shen Youran continued, “What’s so special about me that would make me appealing to men?”

“That’s true too.” Shen Youlan looked at her before suddenly moving closer to her again. “But you can introduce me to your boss. There’s nothing special about you, but I’m special. Since I was young, I was more beautiful, more talented, and more charming than you as well.”

“It’d be better for you to dispel that notion as soon as possible. There’s no way he would even spare you a glance. Furthermore, he’s not at all as approachable as you think he is.” Shen Youran shook her head, pulled the door open, and went into her room.

In a fit of anger, Shen Youlan went to complain to her mother. “Mother, look. Youran’s just a lackey but she started to look down on me now. Hmph.”

“Alright. I’ll reprimand her later. Go in first and tidy up your clothes. Look at what you’re wearing. It’s full of holes.”

“This is called fashion. What do you know?” Strutting vainly, Shen Youlan walked into her room.

It was impossible for Shen Youran to renege on her promise to treat Chen Yucheng to a meal.

Seeing that Chen Yucheng had chosen a place that clearly looked expensive, Shen Youran felt that even her heart was aching.

After they sat down and started eating, Chen Yucheng could not help his urge to laugh when he saw her constipated expression.

“Why? Are you unhappy to treat me to a meal?”

“I’m happy, I’m happy. Why would I be unhappy…” Shen Youran replied quickly.

Chen Yucheng said, “Then, what’s with that expression on your face?”

“I… I have this expression when I eat something extremely delicious,” Shen Youran began to spout nonsense.

Chen Yucheng smiled wordlessly.

Just then, he heard a sudden sound from outside. “Older Sister, why are you here?”

Shen Youlan rushed in immediately. Without even glancing at Shen Youran, she looked at Chen Yucheng. She bore a striking resemblance to a wolf staring greedily at its food. Shen Youran thought that even her saliva was about to dribble down her lips.

Shen Youran immediately stood up hastily. “Shen Youlan, why are you here?”

“I… I came here to eat.”

“Enough of that. The food here is so expensive. Can you even come here?”

“Why? Why can’t I come here? I can spend my entire month’s salary on this one meal, can’t I?” Shen Youlan looked at Chen Yucheng and quickly smiled. She said, “Doctor Chen, why are you here eating with my older sister?”

Shen Youran saw how she was about to pounce on him and knew that she must have followed her here.

Chen Yucheng said rudely, “I got acquainted with your older sister a long time ago. What’s wrong with us eating together?”

“Ah, you knew each other from a long time ago… Could it be that you two have some special relationship?” Although Shen Youlan absolutely did not believe that they would be in some special relationship, she was still looking at the two of them cautiously right now as if she was afraid that there really was something going on between them.

However, Chen Yucheng merely said coldly, “I’m afraid that this is something between me and your sister.”

After getting shut down like that, Shen Youlan momentarily did not know what to say. She stood there and asked, “How can this be a matter of just you two? The identity of my sister’s boyfriend is a family matter. If you have some special relationship with my sister, then you must tell me. For a man to stay by my sister’s side, he must obtain my strict approval.”

Chen Yucheng said, “If you say so.” He looked at Shen Youran.

Shen Youran instantly retreated into herself. For some reason, she felt that there was something off about his gaze.

Chen Yucheng broke into a smile and said, “Indeed, your sister and I do have a special relationship.”

“What?” Shen Youlan looked at Shen Youran challengingly.

How dare she actually lie to her? She even spoke as if she had nothing going on with Chen Yucheng.




  1. Children of now a days. This is how they behave

  2. Nonchalant attitudes of kids these days r annoying excluding mine


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