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Season 4

Episode 39

(People Were Already Going Mad Outside)

He was also a little different from the Gu Jingze she was used to seeing.

Seeing that no one was coming, Lin Che asked Gu Jingze if she could excuse herself to call Yu Minmin.

There were certain things that she still had not explained to Yu Minmin before coming here. She was afraid that it would affect her work.

However, they were trapped in this place and she was also worried that Gu Jingze’s safety would be affected.

It was only at this moment that Lin Che realized that she had not really paid attention to safety in the past. She only understood now why there was such tight security around Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze passed Lin Che his phone and said to her, “Use this to call her. It isn’t necessarily unsafe to use your phone, but to be safe, use mine instead.”

“Ah, aren’t yours and mine the same?” Lin Che asked in confusion.

Gu Jingze darted a look at her and continued to look at the documents on the small table. He merely said quietly, “Mine is equipped with more advanced anti-hacking software. Even the most sophisticated phishing tool in the world right now cannot detect my location, so…” He shot another glance at Lin Che. “It’s still different from yours.”

“…” Alright then. They were on different wavelengths. Once again, he had schooled her on the ways of the wealthy.

Nevertheless, Lin Che knew that what he was saying was definitely true.

With the phone in hand, Lin Che went out to call Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin even hesitated a little when she picked up the call. “Mr… Mr. Gu?”

She had previously received a call with Gu Jingze’s voice on the line. At the time, she had been frightened to the point where she did not dare to make another sound. So this time, she was especially careful.

“No, it’s me, Sister Yu,” Lin Che said.

“Oh, it’s you. You bad girl, you scared me to death. I was wondering why Gu Jingze was calling me for no reason, especially during this emergency period. I thought they discovered that I was a spy or something like that.”

“Of course, it’s not that serious. It’s just safer for me to use Gu Jingze’s phone to call you. They’re afraid that someone is monitoring the conversation or something.”

“You’re in there so of course, you don’t know what’s going on outside. The airport is still locked down for investigation. There are also special forces surrounding the entire B City. Anyway, the situation really looks very serious. But everyone has been constantly discussing how exactly Gu Jingze is. Is he alright now?”

“Yes. Apart from a slight injury in the shoulder, there’s not much of a problem.”

“Oh, did he get disfigured?”

“…” Lin Che said, “Who cares about whether he gets disfigured or not right now?”

“The most pertinent question on everyone’s mind right now is whether Gu Jingze will become disfigured or not. Although very few people have actually seen what he looks like, everyone thinks that Gu… Mr. President and Gu Jingyu are so handsome, so he must look very similar to them too. Everyone has seen some secret snaps of him before and they know vaguely that he’s indeed very handsome. That’s why everyone is wondering how exactly he’s doing at the moment.”

Lin Che could only say incredulously, “Alright then. Actually, he’s doing very well and didn’t become disfigured either.”

“That’s great. This piece of information would definitely cost a fortune if I could sell it to the media.”


“No, I’m just kidding. Do you think I’m so crazy that I would dare to sell news about Gu Jingze? I reckon I’ll be kidnapped before the news even reaches the media. But is there really nothing wrong with Gu Jingze? You’ve been completely isolated from the outside world. None of the media outlets know where exactly Gu Jingze is receiving treatment. All of the major hospitals are crowded with reporters, but they simply can’t find out where Gu Jingze is.”

“Yes. We’re in a very well-concealed place. He’s doing fine and is even dealing with work matters now. I called because I wanted to ask how things are at the company. Did my sudden departure cause any problems?”

“Everyone thought that something happened to you because you had been taken away by a crowd of heavily-armed people. We were all shocked. But when they later found out that you were alright, they were then confused about who exactly you were involved with to have been taken away like that. The company explained that you would have to delay filming for a few days because you had other schedules. Gu Jingyu didn’t get involved in the matter. He said that it was alright since you had requested a leave of absence.”

“Oh, that’s good then…”

“Alright. Don’t worry about it while you’re over there. I’ll handle the company’s affairs. Just look after Gu Jingze.”

“Hm, yes.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Che saw Chen Yucheng and Shen Youran coming her way. The two of them were walking, accompanied by people equipped with weapons.

Upon seeing Lin Che, Shen Youran wanted to rush to her.

However, she was forced back into her place by the armed personnel beside her.

Lin Che swiftly made her way over and said, “It’s alright. She’s my friend.”

The people surrounding them looked at Lin Che. Initially, when they had not known that she was Madam Gu, they also treated her in this way. However, after Gu Jingze had instructed them once, they finally found out that Lin Che was in a position as respectable as Gu Jingze. One by one, they then began to treat her with respect as well.

Shen Youran ran over to her and said, “Good lord, making a trip here is a task too arduous. How are things going? Is Gu Jingze doing fine?”

“Yes. He’s alright. Why are you two here?”

Shen Youran said, “Chen Yucheng was the one who wanted to come. So I followed him here to broaden my horizons.”

Chen Yucheng said, “I just came to take a look too. To be honest, I’m not very well-acquainted with external injuries.”

In no time, Chen Yucheng went in to discuss official matters with Gu Jingze. Shen Youran did not go in and merely stayed outside to speak to Lin Che.

“By the way, I can’t get through to your phone. I was really worried to death about you. But Chen Yucheng said that the two of you would probably be together, so I followed him here to take a look.”

Lin Che said, “Because the situation was too urgent, I didn’t inform you either. After coming here, I didn’t dare to use my phone at all.”

“But it’s alright anyway. Just knowing that you and Gu Jingze are both doing fine, I can be at ease. But I didn’t expect Gu Jingze’s injury to cause such a huge stir. Lin Che, you must be a little more careful in the future,” Shen Youran said worriedly.

Looking inside, Lin Che pinched her fingertips and thought to herself, yes, Gu Jingze was precisely a person in such a prominent position.

Even if he truly treated her very well and very gently too, and had never shown her how different they were, it did not mean that there was no distance between the two of them.

There were times when their worlds were just so drastically different. No one could change this fact.

When she saw Chen Yucheng come out, she shook her head and stopped thinking about it.

As Chen Yucheng looked at Lin Che, he found it surprising that despite the severity of the incident this time, she did very well in keeping a cool head. It looked like she did not drop the ball at all at such a crucial moment.

He had initially thought that a young lady like her would have been frightened out of her wits a long ago in a situation like this.

He felt as if he was seeing Lin Che in a new light.

Shen Youran left together with Chen Yucheng.

As Shen Youran had begged Chen Yucheng to bring her along, after they left, he said directly to Shen Youran while driving, “Remember your promise to treat me to a meal.”

Shen Youran pursed her lips. Thinking of the fact that she had done this for Lin Che’s sake, she could only say, “Fine, fine. I’ll let you take advantage of me this time.”

How stingy , Shen Youran thought. He was earning so much money and still wanted a commoner like her to treat him to a meal.

After some time, they arrived at the neighborhood where Shen Youran lived.

To Chen Yucheng, this place had already become familiar to him.

Although he had made her work alongside him merely because he wanted to teach her a lesson at the start, he did not think that they would meet so often that they were together almost all the time.




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