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Season 4

Episode 38

(Sorry, I Shouldn’t Have Hurt You Like This)

Lin Che was startled. He seemed to have had stolen her soul from her earlier, so she momentarily did not notice. It was only now that she felt him fiddling with her pants and rushed to block his hands.

“Gu Jingze, no…” Lin Che said.

“Silly girl, I’m just taking a look.” Gu Jingze raised his head again and kissed her lips softly. In a trance, he said, “I’m just taking a look. I won’t touch you. Just relax.”

“Take a look… Take a look at what…” Lin Che said indistinctly. His increasingly superb kissing skills enticed her to the point where her body was going completely limp. She felt her mouth go numb as if it was no longer hers.

Gu Jingze pushed her pants aside and looked at her nether regions.

Naturally, he had not yet forgotten the fact that she was injured.

He pulled her pants off and saw that there were still traces of the injury on her.

A few days had gone by but the marks were still so obvious.

He frowned deeply and there were faint waves in his amber eyes.

A sharp pain jabbed at his heart.

He closed his eyes. He only spoke to Lin Che after he seemed to have calmed down the hatred he felt towards himself. “Lin Che, I never wanted to hurt you. I didn’t intend to hurt you. Everything that happened that day was not aimed at hurting you. I was just unable to control myself.”

It was not that he wanted to make himself feel better by hurting her. At the time, he simply persistently felt that he could obtain some comfort from her body.

However, he had not expected her injuries to be so serious.

Lin Che listened as he brought up the incident again.

As Lin Che looked at him, she was able to understand his actions a little since she knew that he only got so angry because he had misunderstood her. Although she still resented him for mistreating her, she already felt much more at ease.

Especially since he had just narrowly escaped death, she now felt that nothing was more important than him being alive.

As long as he was alright, she could let all bygones be bygones.

Furthermore, she could tell that he was already feeling an immense amount of guilt. Recalling the guilt she had felt earlier, she thought that a person as morally upright as him would definitely be all the more unable to bear the fact that he had treated her that way before.

Lin Che said, “Alright, stop thinking about it. I can… I can understand it. You didn’t do it on purpose. Let’s not bring it up again in the future.”

“No. If you decide that you don’t ever want me to touch you because of this, I’ll respect your wishes too.” Gu Jingze had genuinely never thought that he could be such a beast. Now that he knew that nothing was, in fact, going on between Lin Che and Gu Jingyu, that she had not chosen the present carefully at all, and that he had misunderstood everything, the self-reproach and guilt he felt inside intensified even more.

Lin Che’s heart had already started to warm as she looked at him. Immediately, the ignominy she had been feeling for the past few days seemed to dissipate considerably.

Gazing at Gu Jingze, she touched his elbow and said coolly, “Alright, don’t think about these things anymore. Didn’t you say you wanted to sleep? Quick, go to sleep.”

Gu Jingze said, “But…”

Lin Che’s cheeks were slightly flushed. She stretched her arms out and swiftly wound them around his neck. Slowly, she moved her lips closer to him. She was using the same method he used to deal with her against him.

Hooked on her small lilac-like lips, his heart immediately swelled up.

She was the one who had approached him.

As he inhaled her scent, he felt that her small mouth was really too sweet. It was too sweet. It was so sweet to the point that even his body was beginning to soften.

He did not know how long it had been before they separated, both of them panting heavily. She heard the doctors outside about to come in to measure his temperature. As she sat there, she hastily adjusted her clothes and covered herself with the blanket without daring to look at his eyes.

On the other hand, Gu Jingze sat as straight as a ramrod. His pitch-black, gentle eyes were as tranquil as the deep night without any hint of unrest.

He swiftly regained his composure and waited for someone to measure his temperature with an ear thermometer.

The doctor said doubtfully, “Mr. Gu, your temperature is a little high. I’ll get someone to take a look later.”

“No need.” Gu Jingze continued, “My temperature will lower on its own. Just give me some time.”

“Huh?” The doctor looked at Gu Jingze in confusion. However, as he looked at his peaceful but abruptly chilling gaze, the doctor did not dare to ask any further. He could only nod his head frantically and leave quickly.

Gu Jingze only turned back to take Lin Che in his arms when he saw the doctor leave.

Lin Che still did not dare to look at him. She merely felt that she must have been so aggressive as to kiss Gu Jingze only because her brain had short-circuited earlier.

She had never been so aggressive towards a man. It really made her feel as if her face was about to start burning.

However, Gu Jingze’s voice immediately turned much more tender. He smiled gloomily upon seeing that she was not looking at him. Hugging her, he said, “Alright, let’s sleep.”

Lin Che did not dare to say anything more. Right now, sleeping was the best choice!

With her head smothered as she laid there, she could still smell the strong masculine scent of his body. It was mixed with a hint of blood. However, this seemed to make him smell even more masculine. As she smelled him, she seemed to feel an extraordinary sense of security and really fell asleep just like that.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze could only look down at his aroused body and glance frustratedly at Lin Che, who had fallen into a deep sleep in no time.

At times he really did not know what to do with her.

The news of Gu Jingze’s injury was released the next day.

The news outlets and the public immediately let out a collective sigh of relief upon finding out that Gu Jingze was fine. However, the economy and the stock markets had also experienced some turbulence and had yet to recover.

Numerous conspiracy theories were circulating wildly among the public and intensified the fear in the hearts of many people.

News that Gu Jingze was currently recuperating had been personally released by the Glass Palace. Over the past few days, media attention had been constantly focusing on Gu Jingze’s injury. Now that everyone knew that Gu Jingze really was fine and that he had already passed the critical stage, they then began to wonder anew how exactly the incident had happened. Various versions of the events began to circulate and some rumors really sounded like novels.

At long last, Lin Che had experienced for herself why people said that the entire C Nation would quake if the Gu family merely stamped their feet. She did not expect that Gu Jingze’s injury would actually trigger so many responses like a chain reaction. Even the entire market economy immediately experienced an enormous upheaval.

Gu Jingze’s location was sealed off. Naturally, ordinary people could not enter. Apart from when there were special items, no one else could get in either. However, there were still plenty of urgent matters for Gu Jingze to deal with. From the time he regained consciousness, Gu Jingze had not stopped at all.

He met with various people, looked at various documents, and dealt with diverse matters.

Lin Che did not leave either. She watched from the side as Gu Jingze dealt with these matters and served as his temporary secretary; she ran all over the place as she assisted him in pouring tea and delivering water, taking documents, and sending things.

When Gu Jingze began to deal with official business, he began to focus intently. He knew that Lin Che was beside him but did not bother about her.

Lin Che merely looked at Gu Jingze from the side. Although he was wounded and was even bandaged with traces of broken skin all over his body, he still looked as dignified as ever. His decisiveness as he sat on the hospital bed was awe-inspiring.





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