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Season 4

Episode 33

(The Explosion That Shocked The Entire Nation)

That night, Lin Che was in a bad mood after returning to the Gu residence alone.

Looking around the room, she felt that she had really been too unreasonable. How could she really think that she was the Gu family’s Young Madam just because of her time at the Gu residence?

In reality, Lin Che had long known that a day like this would come. In her heart, she had imagined many times that she and Gu Jingze would separate one day and never interact with each other for the rest of their lives. In her other ordinary world, she would watch Gu Jingze get married, have kids, and live out his splendid life in the limelight.

She sighed. Sitting on the bed, she thought that she should get someone to do a valuation on her remaining assets and determine how she should live in the future and what property she should purchase or rent.

Just then, Yu Minmin called to inform her that the cast and crew were planning to leave for another part of the country to film some scenes. She asked if Lin Che wanted to leave together with the rest of the team or book a flight for tomorrow.

As Lin Che looked around the house, she felt that she had to pull herself together and work hard. In the future, she still had to live her life properly. Even if Gu Jingze was no longer around, she still had to live on.

Fortunately, she still had her own things to do right now because she had not abandoned her own life all this while.

Thus, Lin Che told Yu Minmin directly that she would just follow everyone along today. It would also be a little more convenient for her to arrange to accommodate and perform other tasks together with them upon arrival.

Thus, Lin Che casually packed her luggage and headed directly to the airport.

At the airport, everyone was scrolling through their phones lazily. When Song Shuhai saw Lin Che, she even said, “You’re really professional.”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “Isn’t Sister Shuhai here too?”

“I’m here because I coincidentally had a night shoot and I didn’t want to sleep after filming either, so that’s why I came directly to the airport.”

Lin Che said, “It’s no fun for me at home either. So why not come along with everyone?”

A row of people was waiting for the last flight. Outside, there were fans who had already discovered the celebrities here and wanted to come over. They were quickly blocked by airport security. To prevent the crowd from increasing in size and negatively affecting operations, the airport specially opened a private room and invited everyone to the private VIP room to await boarding.

Everyone was very happy upon hearing this and prepared to head there together.

However, it was not Lin Che’s first time going there. Each time Gu Jingze traveled, there was always a private room like this.

But when she thought about it, it was definitely a very extravagant luxury to an ordinary person.

In the future, luxuries like these would probably become more and more removed from her.

They had not even taken a few steps before they saw the news suddenly being broadcasted on the airport’s large screen.

“We interrupt the broadcast with a piece of breaking news. An explosion has just occurred at a villa in Fushan. According to reports, the affected property belongs to Gu Industries. More than twenty people at the site are either dead or wounded, most of them being the Gu family’s private bodyguards. Word on the site is that Gu Jingze had a meeting with an ambassador dispatched by M Nation’s Prime Minister. It appears that a spy intruded into the meeting and created this explosion. The ambassador from M Nation died on the spot and it is not clear whether Gu Jingze is dead or alive. C Nation’s President Mr. Gu Jingming has already issued an urgent order requiring all airports to reinforce security checks and immediately intercept any suspicious individuals.”

Just then, security personnel suddenly entered the airport and began inspecting everywhere.

None of the cast and crew had expected this to happen. They watched as the people around them suddenly sank into chaos.

Their surroundings were also in a complete uproar.

On the other hand, Lin Che was merely looking up at the television screen.

The fire was ablaze everywhere on the screen. The Fushan villa had already exploded until only fragments seemed to remain. The fire and the police lights melded together and the sounds coming from the screen were extremely chaotic. It was impossible to tell what exactly the situation on the site was like.

Lin Che was staring at the screen just like that. Her eyes were fixed on each image shown on the screen as if she had already looked into each inch and pixel. She just wanted to see a familiar figure or read a tiny bit of other news about Gu Jingze.

However, she did not.

People were intensely discussing beside her. Someone was asking what exactly was going on and whether anything had happened to Gu Jingze.

“Good lord, Gu Jingze is so handsome. The explosion won’t hurt him, right?”

“I reckon he’ll definitely get injured. Didn’t the ambassador from M Nation die on the spot? Since they were having a secret meeting, they should have been located close to each other.”

“It’s really too terrifying. This was probably aimed precisely at Gu Jingze.”

“That’s a matter of course. The economic lifelines of so many people are in the clutches of these major figures and their each and every action. If the Gu family so much as shakes, the entire C Nation will quake. It’s definitely no joke. If there is just the tiniest bit of an issue with Gu Jingze, then there’ll be a huge problem.”

Just then, Yu Minmin caught sight of Lin Che. She squeezed through the crowd to get to her and held her arm from behind.

“Lin Che? How are you?” She looked up at Lin Che.

Lin Che just stared unblinkingly at the news on television.

Beside her, Song Shuhai saw her expression and gazed at Lin Che strangely. “What’s wrong, Lin Che? Quick, let’s go. In a while, this place is going to be locked down for inspection. There’ll probably be a lot of people. If they see us, the situation will become even more chaotic.”

However, Lin Che seemed not to have heard her and continued to look.

Pursing her lips, Yu Minmin raised her head and looked at the television. The President was giving a speech in the Glass Palace and he first expressed that the matter would be thoroughly investigated.

“M Nation has just formed a special team with our country to investigate the entire incident together. We express our deep condolences for the death of M Nation’s special ambassador. This is a joint loss for C Nation and M Nation, and a violent incident that incites anger as well. We will not let the perpetrator off just like this…”

As she looked at the Gu Jingming who appeared on the television, Yu Minmin even paused for a moment. They very rarely watched political news, so now that she was gazing at him, she felt as if she was looking at another person. That person was absolutely not the person she had met before.

She froze before seeing a row of people already walking towards them swiftly from behind. They were carrying loaded guns and looked big and tall. The person leading them was in western clothing and leather shoes and had his eyes on Lin Che.

Sensing the situation, Yu Minmin quickly pulled Lin Che to her. “Lin Che, look.”

Lin Che turned her head only to see them already in front of her. They looked at Lin Che and merely bowed silently in greeting.

Meanwhile, outsiders were not aware of what had happened here and merely saw a row of armed people entering in rows from outside. While protecting a woman in the middle, they walked out neatly and their formation was so large that people were slightly confused.

However, this scene was not particularly out of the ordinary given that the airport was now filled with security personnel everywhere. The jittery crowd continued standing there while watching the news. They were afraid that the incident would affect their flight and worried that it would also impact the country’s economic policy. Many more people were even speculating about how exactly this incident had occurred.

Naturally, Lin Che could not follow the cast and crew elsewhere for the shoot. She was solemnly led out of the airport by those people. When they arrived outside, a large car was parked there. It was clear that the car was completely equipped with explosion-proof protection. The people around it also momentarily made her feel that the atmosphere was oppressive and indescribably heavy.





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