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Season 4

Episode 31

(I Don’t Need Your Help Nor Do I Want You To Touch Me)

Gu Jingze had also not expected to suddenly barge in while she was changing.

When he saw Lin Che covering herself up in a fluster, his brow furrowed a little more deeply. The small hill between his eyebrows seemed like a mountain that had been frozen for a long time as he stared at Lin Che with eyes that emitted a cold gleam.

Lin Che pursed her lips and asked Gu Jingze at the doorway, “Why did you come in?”

Gu Jingze merely loosened his brow and walked in. “This is my house.”


Lin Che knew that this was his house. Of course, this could not be any more clear to her.

She glared at him, pulled her clothes up, and ran several steps into the bathroom.

After closing the door, she spread her legs open and sat on the bench in order to apply the medicine on herself.

The doctor had prescribed seven days worth of medicine. She was not used to having other people look at such a private area; even if it was in fact just the doctor looking at it, she still felt weird, so it was even more unlikely that she would ask a maid to apply the medicine. After washing the area, she sat there and opened the medicine box. As she was unable to see, she was a little muddled too and did not know where she should apply it. As a result, she did not go out even after wasting a lot of time.


Gu Jingze stood there and heard the sound of something getting washed inside and then the sound of the medicine box opening. After that, everything was still.

However, she did not come out even after a long time. Gu Jingze began to get a little anxious all of a sudden.

Standing at the door, he took a few steps and walked a few steps back again. He wanted to knock on the door and reached out a hand only to retract it again.

He closed his eyes and wondered what he was worried about when she did not need him anyway.

Just then, the sound of Lin Che groaning hoarsely suddenly came from inside.

Gu Jingze’s eyes paused. Without any further hesitation, he pushed the door open and walked in.

Inside, Lin Che was sitting on the bench with her legs open as she looked down while she applied the medicine with a cotton bud in hand. However, the slightly cool sensation she felt after applying the medicine made her feel very uncomfortable. Because she still could not see the area, she could not help but let out a hoarse groan.

But she did not expect Gu Jingze to actually barge in immediately.

Lin Che froze. As she still had not managed to react at the moment, she lifted her head to look at Gu Jingze in a daze.

It was only when Lin Che registered what was happening that she yelled out in surprise, “You… Who said you could come in?!” Lin Che quickly closed her legs. Remembering that she was not wearing anything at all on her lower body, she frantically picked up the towel beside her and covered herself up.

Gu Jingze’s face darkened immediately. He walked to her wordlessly and swiftly snatched the medicine box from her.

“Open your legs,” Gu Jingze said in a low voice but did not look at her at all.

“You… What are you doing?”

“Applying the medicine,” His tone was simple, but his attitude was completely unyielding.

“There is no need. I’ll do it myself!” Lin Che said.

Only then did Gu Jingze raise his eyes to stare unwaveringly at her small face. “I said to open your legs. I’ll apply the medicine for you!”

Lin Che bit her lip. “It’s fine. I know how to do it on my own. Can you go out?”

“Open your legs! Don’t make me say it another time!” Gu Jingze lowered his voice even more.

Lin Che said, “I can do it myself. I don’t need your help.”

Gu Jingze finally lost his patience. With his face pulled tight, he stretched out his arms directly to press against her legs.

Lin Che’s body seemed to still remember the terror she felt towards him. The moment his large and rough hands touched her, she immediately shrank into herself involuntarily and trembled as she began to resist his touches.

Gu Jingze froze. He looked down at her soft, white legs.

How could he not reproach himself upon seeing her scared?

Lowering his head, he gazed deeply at the vague marks that remained on her skin. He stretched out his hands to hold her legs down and spoke slowly, “Don’t move!”

Lin Che frantically began moving backward. “No. I’ll do it myself. I can do it myself.”

“What can you do?! Look at you. You can’t find the injured area at all. You didn’t even apply the medicine to the right area. I said that I’ll apply it for you. Just behave yourself and don’t move.”

“No. Why do I need your help?!” Lin Che shouted with her legs still pressed together.

Gu Jingze’s expression darkened. He looked up and stared at her coldly.

Lin Che resisted with her brow furrowed. Gu Jingze held her down with force and she stretched her arms out to push against his arms. Nevertheless, Gu Jingze managed to sit between her legs and did not move at all while she hit his shoulders.

“Gu Jingze, let go of me. I don’t want you to look at it. I don’t want it. I don’t want you to touch it either…”

Despite Lin Che’s cries, Gu Jingze was completely unaffected and merely looked at the area between her legs.

It was still a little red and swollen.

His heart twitched painfully and he also felt that he really should not have used so much force.

It was unbelievable that he had hurt her so much that she had still not recovered today.

In the past, when her fragile body was even slightly hurt, it made him feel terrible inside. But these injuries today were all a result of his own actions.

He thought to himself, It was no wonder that she was so afraid of him.

If such a thing had befallen anyone else, it was likely that the person would not recover very quickly either.

Gu Jingze crouched down and pushed her legs apart while he slowly applied the cooling medicine on her.

Lin Che’s face flushed red all the way down to her neck at her nether regions being scrutinized so carefully.

Although she knew that there was no element of lust at all and he was merely applying medicine on her, she still felt terrible because someone was looking at such a private part of her body.

The crux of the issue was that no matter how hard she pushed him away, he did not budge an inch.

When this man got stubborn, there was really nothing that could be done to make him change his mind.

At last, Gu Jingze finished applying the medicine on her and turned around to look for clothes for her to put on.

Seeing that he had brought her white panties over, Lin Che hastily said, “I’ll do it myself…”

“Don’t move,” he frowned and interrupted her again. After raising his head to glare at her, he then stooped down to put on her pants for her from below and slowly pulled it up. Seeming to have caught a whiff of the lingering smell of barbecue on her body, he scowled and said, “Since you’re injured, just behave yourself and stay at home. Don’t recklessly go out and loiter around again, alright?”

Raising her head, Lin Che heard his reprimanding tone and said in dissatisfaction, “This is my body. I only went out because I knew there was no problem.”

“You…” Gu Jingze stared unyieldingly at this woman.

If anyone else dared to speak to him like this, they would long have vanished completely from his sight. Except for this woman in front of him.

Lin Che jumped down from the bench and walked out briskly.

However, he suddenly pulled her arm.

He did not turn his head. Standing there tall, he looked ahead and breathed very heavily as if trying very hard to suppress the anger he felt inside.

Lin Che’s brow furrowed. Just when she wanted to wrench her arm free, he pulled it back roughly in one swift motion.

She lifted her head up in surprise only for him to suddenly embrace her and immediately plant a hard kiss on her lips.

Gu Jingze really wanted to just strangle her to death but at the same time, he could not bear to do it. In the end, he could only vent his anger towards her like this.

Lin Che was completely and firmly trapped in his embrace. With his heavy breaths landing on her nose and his lips blocking her mouth so unyieldingly, she suddenly seemed to recall the series of actions he had done to her previously.




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