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Season 4

Episode 27

(If They Had Never Gotten Together)

“Look after Madam and get someone to remind her to apply her medicine. Also, prepare some tonics tomorrow…”

Gu Jingze drew in a deep breath while thinking to himself that this Lin Che was really too exasperating.

His mind drifted to what she said about this being a contractual marriage, that they should both leave each other alone…

She was really too good at making him angry.

He was so agitated that he was unable to sleep even when dawn arrived. Just like that, he lay on the bed, tossing and turning…

In the matrimonial home.

Gu Jingyan was tidying up around the house. When midnight came, it was time for her to attend a video conference with people on the other side of the world to discuss plans for the company to go on the market.

At this moment.

She heard the door close.

Lu Beichen was back.

Standing in the doorway, he looked inside at the woman who had already removed her wedding dress and gown.

The matrimonial home had been completely refurbished. Gu Jingyan had personally taken care of everything; he had practically not helped at all.

However, he could see now that the rooms were decorated cozily and beautifully. All of the furnishings and appliances showed the effort the woman of the house had put in.

In actual fact, Gu Jingyan was simply the type of woman who liked everything to be perfect.

Lu Beichen and Gu Jingyan had known each other for no less than ten years. They had been together for at least four years. He understood this woman deeper than anyone else.

To be honest, Lu Beichen had always felt that it was all very fine for him to marry her, so he too tried his best to prepare for the wedding. He had never expected the wedding to one day become what it was.

That was, until the day he met Fu Chenxi standing there in the shopping mall while working as a salesperson.

Everything changed completely from that day on.

From then onwards, his heart continued remaining with Fu Chenxi and he did not once handle their wedding properly again.

Gu Jingyan looked at Lu Beichen and smiled grimly. “You’re back, bridegroom.”

Lu Beichen gazed at Gu Jingyan coldly. As he looked at her grim smile, his anger only intensified.

“What’s your intention in showing me such a hurt expression when talking to me? What’s the matter? Even without me, wasn’t your wedding fine anyway?”

Her wedding?

Yes. This was her wedding. A wedding involving her alone.

Gu Jingyan smiled even wider while looking at Lu Beichen. “Yes. No matter how unhappy you are, you’re still my husband. Are you angry? Are you sad? Are you itching to strangle me to death? But you have no choice either. Even if I die, I’ll still be your wife. I’ll still have to wait for you in your ancestral tomb. I’ll wait for you to die too and be buried together with me.”

“You…” Lu Beichen huffed. “Fine, fine. Gu Jingyan, you win. Since you so badly want to be Madam Lu, so be it. Don’t regret it. Even when you regret it, you have to clearly know that you asked for this!”

“Regret? In my dictionary, the word regret simply doesn’t exist. Oh, by the way, tonight is the wedding night. You came just in time. It’s not past twelve yet. According to the ceremonial rules, we have just enough time. What do you say? Even the bed has been prepared. Do you want to go for a round?”

Gu Jingyan intentionally smiled and looked at him.

Lu Beichen’s face stiffened and he said to her in a cold sneer, “If you’re really that lustful, you can just settle it yourself. By the way, in the future, it will always be like this as well. Since you could even complete the wedding ceremony on your own, isn’t the wedding night also an extremely simple matter? Anyway, Miss Gu has always been almighty.”

Gu Jingyan continued to smile grimly as she looked at Lu Beichen. “Settle it myself? Do you think I’ve spent so many years doing nothing? Relax. If I’m really lustful, I don’t have to worry about finding a man, right? In any case, three-legged men are as common everywhere as three-legged toads are rare. Given my ability, it’s not that difficult either for me to find one with a large tool and great energy. On the contrary, it will be hard on you. You even have to protect your chastity for your Fu Chenxi. If you can’t do it, just satiate your desire by doing it a few more times with Fu Chenxi. You’ll get a little fed up from always doing it with the same person, but true love triumphs over everything for you two. You should probably be able to overcome your physical desires, right?”

“Gu, Jing, Yan!”

Lu Beichen looked at the damned woman.

How could there be such a woman on earth? She was able to say these things even to her own husband.

He must really have been mad to have initially thought that spending a lifetime with her should not be a problem even if they frequently quarreled.

Lu Beichen had come into contact with many women, but there weren’t many who were as to his liking as this one.

He had argued with her for over ten years and fought her for over ten years, but he still had not gotten tired of it at all. He had thought that they would continue on like this in the future, but then Fu Chenxi came back again.

Gu Jingyan looked at him harshly. “Why? Young Master Lu, do you want to come in and continue the nuptial night with me or do you want to go out? Don’t delay my video conference, alright? It’s starting in fifteen minutes.”

Lu Beichen sneered and looked at her. He turned around, pulled the door open, and simply walked out.

The door closed with a thump behind him. Inside, Gu Jingyan’s smile slowly stiffened on her face.

It did not matter…

A one-man wedding, a one-man nuptial night… she could do everything alone. This was no more than a mere wedding. So what if she was in it alone?

Lu Beichen left the house and found a place outside to stay in immediately.

The news was currently broadcasting Gu Jingyan’s one-man wedding today.

He still remembered the first time he met Gu Jingyan at the middle school graduation ceremony.

Prior to this, he had probably seen her before. After all, the two families were actually on pretty close terms. The Lu family and the Gu family were both C Nation’s most prestigious families, so they had mutually heard of each other.

However, on that day, as the representative of the entire graduating cohort, she had given a speech at the graduation ceremony while wearing a red dress. Her hair was as beautiful as silk ribbons and flew about messily. Standing under the sunlight, her skin was like milk as it faced the sun and reflected the light.

The people around him were all saying that the girl was Gu Jingyan, the Gu family’s darling daughter. Her academic results placed her within the top three students of the school. After graduation, she was to attend H High School. Her beauty drew everyone’s breaths away. However, the young students had yet to feel that there was anything great about her beauty at the time. Society was not as open at the time as it was now where people already began to date in middle school. At the time, they merely felt that she was really pretty.

In the blink of an eye, they became schoolmates in high school. Although they were in different classes, they eventually became acquainted because of their similar family backgrounds.

However, Gu Jingyan was unreasonable, loud, liked to fight, was eager to do well in everything, and was competitive. In Lu Beichen’s eyes, apart from the fact that she was indeed beautiful, there was really no other aspect of her that made her seem like a woman.

On the other hand, the petite and appealing Fu Chenxi from a pitiful family background moved Lu Beichen with her gentleness. They were together for two and a half years, and he and Gu Jingyan were merely good friends at the time.

If they had just remained friends all this time, then would they not have ended up here today?





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