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Season 4

Episode 13

(It Really Doesn’t Pay To Be Kind)

She had just completed filming her night scene and was preparing to leave.

The people around immediately looked over.

Looking at this group of people, they couldn’t help but wonder if this meeting would lead to a fight.

Lin Che only glanced over and continued talking to Yu Minmin.

On the other side, Xin Xiaoyuan’s eyes swept over them. She said to her assistant, “Ha, I was puzzled as to how someone could rise up to fame so fast. She turned out to be a kept woman. Sigh, young people these days.”

“Exactly. It is so different from our Sister Xiaoyuan who relied on her own hard work. That’s the difference. No matter where you go, you’ll be respected rather than despised.”

“Oh well, she is also eating her own fruit. She’s only too afraid to admit it. Do you see? She hasn’t made a sound at all. Is this silent admittance or does she not dare to say anything? Really, where did that strong-headedness from before go?”

Lin Che bit her lip as Yu Minmin held her arm. They walked in and Yu Minmin said tastefully, “Nevermind, Lin Che. Some clowns don’t have the capability to play on level ground, so they go by the crooked door. It’s okay. We must be more understanding of these ladies who will expire soon. Let them accept the truth. They still have to live.”

“You… Yu Minmin, who are you calling a lady who will expire soon?” Xin Xiaoyuan immediately turned around. Her face was purple.

Yu Minmin and the rest stopped in their tracks. She looked back at Xin Xiaoyuan, “Hey, Sister Xiaoyuan. I didn’t see you here just now. I was talking to Lin Che about the entertainment news now. Some big shot female artists are going to night clubs nowadays. Poor things. What’s wrong? Sister Xiaoyuan wouldn’t think that I was talking about you, right?”

“You… ”

The people around them heard this and secretly laughed.

Xin Xiaoyuan grunted forcefully and strode out past them.

“Lin Che, just you wait.”

Lin Che and Yu Minmin walked in and didn’t mind Xin Xiaoyuan again.

Inside, Lin Che saw that Gu Jingyu was really wearing the watch.

Before putting on makeup, he saw Lin Che and purposely waved it about in front of her.

Yu Minmin looked in surprised and nudged Lin Che, “Ha, Gu Jingyu really looks like… Are you sure that he’s not interested in you?”

“No way. I already told him that I’m married. It’s just that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his family so he doesn’t know that I’m married into the Gu family.”

“Oh, then that’s really… He knows that you’re married but he still clings to you…”

“Get lost, Sister Yu!”

Yang Lingxin listened behind and kept silent. She leaned in there with her phone in her hand. On the screen were comments about Lin Che. There were many people scolding her.

She silently held her phone and looked through them. Her lips moved with imperceptible emotions…

The anger and scoldings towards Lin Che continued.

At the company.

Gu Jingze looked at the photo of himself. That person probably didn’t dare to get any closer as the photo was captured from far away.

Qin Hao said, “People are saying online that Madam is a kept woman.”

Gu Jingze scrolled through the hate comments on top. His expression was uncertain.

Qin Hao said, “See this. What do you want to do now?”

“Have you found out who was behind this?”

“It’s an actress who has been rumored to be in dispute with Madam recently. It was reported that she was Li Ganhong’s mistress and was supported for many years before she finally became famous. Now, she is acting in the same movie at Madam and they are all in Third Young Master’s crew.”

Gu Jingze hesitated and then gestured for Qin Hao to leave.

After Xin Xiaoyuan went out, her face was purple because of Yu Minmin’s words.

She said to the assistant, “Find more Internet trolls to insult this damned Lin Che. And that agent of hers, Yu Minmin. Say that Yu Minmin broke the rules and… and slept with the company’s boss. I remember that her family isn’t doing well either. Her father has a gambling addiction. Hmph. Anyway, drag them down to Hell.”

The next day, Lin Che and Yu Minmin were once again insulted until they made headlines.

Although it was obvious that these were trolls, seeing the comments still made them vexed.

Especially this time, Yu Minmin was also implicated. They said that Yu Minmin didn’t like Lin Che at first and was a rubbish agent.

The sabotaging tone was very clear.

Lin Che saw this and said frustratingly, “This Xin Xiaoyuan is too much.”

It was okay to scold her, but to scold the people beside her too… did Xin Xiaoyuan really think that she wouldn’t dare to do anything?

Yu Minmin tugged Lin Che, “Forget it. Let her say what she wants. It’ll be over in a few days if we ignore it.”

Lin Che said, “She had gone overboard. Does she really think that I’m afraid of her because I’m ignoring this?”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s not good to blow this up either. It’s more important to keep your marriage a secret. It doesn’t matter if I’m scolded. Anyway, agents are used to manipulating hatred. Let me be scolded so that there’ll be less directed at you. It’s a good thing.”

Lin Che gritted her teeth, “Fine, I won’t do anything to her. But she should at least be warned. Otherwise, she’s really going to think that I won’t retaliate. She will only become more arrogant this way!”

Lin Che spoke and walked out. Yu Minmin thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give a warning, so she followed Lin Che out.

Xin Xiaoyuan was at the company. They had fewer scenes in these two days, so Lin Che found an opportunity to return to the company to take care of some other matters.

Outside the building, Xin Xiaoyuan’s crew was just about to leave. Lin Che walked over and shouted from a distance, “Xin Xiaoyuan.”

She was a senior, but she wasn’t much older than Lin Che. She merely entered the industry and became famous earlier.

But it was the industry norm for everyone to call her Sister Xiaoyuan out of respect.

Hearing Lin Che call her by her name now, Xin Xiaoyuan frowned. She turned around and smiled coldly, “Didn’t your mother teach you manners? You’re calling me by my full name? Who do you think you are, daring to call my full name?”

“My mother never taught me manners. However, she did teach me that if a dog bit me, I shouldn’t bite back or I might contract a disease. That was why I couldn’t be bothered with you for the past few days. I didn’t want to get infected. But don’t you think that I’m giving in to you by ignoring you. You’re right. I have my own personal life and I don’t it to be exposed to the public. But I’m not a kept woman as you said. Hmph. How monotonous is your life that you would think holding hands and walking together means I’m a mistress? Working hard on my own because my family situation is bad means that I’m being cunning? How much have you suffered for you to think that people are that depressing and extreme? You harbor bad thoughts when you see someone having a good time!”

“You… ”

Xin Xiaoyuan’s face was all scrunched up, “Lin Che, you dare to talk to me like this? Do you not want to stay in this circle anymore? Do you really think that one Gu Jingyu can protect you completely so that you can have a smooth career? Let me tell you this. If I want to drag you down, I have a million ways to do that. I’m only scratching the surface!”





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